I have had alot of people e-mail me and ask for this information.  When I told them I didn't have this information I was told to find it.   Just so people would leave me alone I asked ZombiWoman, who is a friend of Peter's, if she had this info so I could put it here on my web site.

The reason why I never researched this info before is because I respect Peter's privacy.  That is why I personally agree with the answer I received from ZombiWoman that I am going to share with you all now.

Date:   Tue, 26 Oct 1999 07:18:44 -0700 (PDT)
From: Zombiwoman<zombiwoman@*****.***>  
Subject:     Re: Peter Info.
To:   Technomage Selena <selena_the_technomage@yahoo.com>

Hello Selena,

1)   Does Peter have any contact details such as a snail-mail addy for a fan club that letters can be sent to?  If he has a Fan Club addy may I have it to post on my web site, so I am not bombarded here?

   No.  Peter does not have a Fan Club. He has turned down requests to start one on his behalf.  I do not expect this to change.  After an initial experimentation on the website, we found we were neither of us equipped to keep up with fan mail.  He is consequently not interested in receiving snail mail either.

2)   What is his personality like in person. Considering I have never actually met him yet I cannot answer this question.  So, I was wondering if you would consider giving me some personality info (likes, dislikes, bad habits, etc) on Peter to put on my web site?

   Peter is a very dear friend.  I am extremely cautious in what I say/discuss with regard to him personally, since he is actually a very private person and finds much of the fan attention overwhelming.  I do not believe that what you request would be appropriate.  Further, if Peter were willing to put this sort of information out there, I would have it on his official site.

I am sorry to be so negative... I am writing early in the morning before I go to work (the website is NOT my profession), so apologies if this sounds too grumpy...

                                   ... n e e d  m o r e  t e a.....




I personally, did not find her e-mail to be negative sounding.  I understood where she was coming from before I even started typing that e-mail to her.  I don't know about the rest of you who keep asking me about this stuff, but I appreciated her honesty.  I do so hope that all of you will also.