Galen is a Technomage.  Who was once a member of the Technomage Order.  Like the
other Technomages,  he uses advanced technology to simulate the effects of magic.  
Galen is often very mysterious and at times melancholy.  Due to his desire to help
others, like Matthew Gideon, Galen was forced to leave the Technomage Order.  Galen
accompanies the Excaliber's mission to find a cure for the Drahk Plague.  However, he
prefers to stay on his own ship.

Words from J.M.S. (18/8/98):

"Peter Woordward's Galen, a techno-mage,  is a thing of beauty to behold.  Every word crisp, delivered laser-like to its intended target.   I like to find characters where I can wind them up to the point where they can let fly with pronouncements and Jeremiads, meditations and prophecies of doom...and the occasional one-liner just to keep you off your game.  Galen is now one such character, and I plan to have a great deal of fun with him in months to come."