Save Crusade Campaign - This page is dedicated to saving Crusade.  It features all the information you need to contribute to this movement.   I have to thank the people at:

ISN News - The Guide to Crusade

Babylon 5 - The Babylon Project

For their permission to use this stuff off of their web site(s).  I really appreciate it.


We call upon all fans of "Crusade" to send letters to the Sci-Fi Channel, Warner Brothers, and TNT on
December 3rd, this will be the day we, the fans, will start making our voices heard. Only by showing these
networks that Crusade has a huge audience can we convince Warner Brothers to work hard to sell Crusade
and make the Sci-Fi Channel and TNT want to buy it. It is crucial that everyone send their letters at the same
time Showing everyone involved that Crusade has an enormous and loyal following.

Please spread the word to other fans and invite your friends and family to write letters. Help us to speak with
one voice which is so loud and strong that it cannot be ignored!

Crusade was intended to be another TV novel along the lines of Babylon 5.  Originally the years covered were to have been 2267 to 2271.  After filming only 13 episodes, the series was dropped.  However, in that short time, a large following of loyal fans was born and a campaign has been launched to save this dynamic show.   "Crusade"'s only hope is to find a new, more Science Fiction friendly home.  To help make that happen, we need your help!

What can be done to help?

Write Letters to WB, TNT & the Sci-Fi Channel.
Write Letters to Crusade's Sponsors.
Sign the ISN News Petition. This will help back up the letter writing campaign.

The Save Crusade Banner:

If you have a web site (Babylon 5, Crusade, Sci-FI etc) and want to help the campaign, please either add a link to or download the banner below and link it to the same address.

Thank you.

Support Sites:

Finally, a big thank-you to all of the other dedicated people out there trying to rescue this show. I'll link to as
many sites as I can find specifically dedicated to this cause.  I will do so, below:

Main Campaign Sites:

Interstellar Network News site.

Pamela Smith's "The Pebbles are Voting"Crusade - - The Quest for Life" Site for the latest news and information about Crusade's future and contains the letter writting campaign.

Tim and Heather Fleming's Crusade For Crusade Site for various news and musings about the Crusade situation. It also contains an ad campaign and downloadable flyers.

Voice of the Resistance - Campaign News Site

Sapphiremage's Crusade Sponsor List - A huge list of Crusade's sponsors

Save Crusade: Phase III Site - Another Sponsor List

Save Crusade! Site - Addresses for the head of TNT and WB.

Other Campaign Sites:

The Focus on Crusade site contains a chronology of events in the Crusade Crisis.

Kayl's Crusade 2 Save Site for news and information about contacting TNT's sponsors to encourage them to get TNT to finish the remaining 9 episodes of the first season of Crusade.

Anne Kofod's Support Crusade! Site contains a petition.

Lori's The Crusade to Save Crusade page contains information on how to save crusade.

Liz's Save Crusade! page contains information on how to save crusade.

Robert's Beyond the Rim site contains a petition to save Crusade.

Stuart Layton's Crusade Petition.

If you have a site dedicated to bringing CRUSADE back, please e-mail me and I'll try to add your site to this