Title: Galen & The Botanist Part One: Galen's Chocolate Fantasy
Author: Stormy Angel
E-mail: stormy_angel_bc@yahoo.com
Rating: NC 17 for sexual content
Disclaimer: The characters of Galen, Matthew Gideon, Lt. Matheson, and Max Eilerson are copyrighted by Warner Brothers and Babylonian Productions.  No infringement of copyright intended.
Special Thanks to: Technomage Selena for kicking my ass to get it done.  Sylvia for her wonderful editing job.  To my list sibs for encouraging me to write it in the first place.  And of course, to everyone who enjoys reading it.

Galen's Chocolate Fantasy

He sat in the dark allowing his mind to wander over curiously mundane bits of information.  His ship was on an intersect course with the Excalibur, and would soon be jumping from hyperspace.  During the past ten days of his absence, he had been listless and unable to creatively occupy his time.  An unusual condition for him, he was normally very focused and loved the solitary pursuits that he engaged in whilst aboard his ship.  Now that he was within an hour of rejoining Gideon and his crew, he felt an odd  excitement, a highly unsettling and disturbing sensation for one such as he.   He settled himself more deeply into his chair.  "Music," and suddenly the area was filled with a pleasingly gentle yet exotic sound.  He closed his eyes, knowing that his ship needed no help from him to reach his destination.

After securing his ship, Galen strode down the corridor until he reached the nearest bullet car access, entered and headed towards the bridge area.  He would brief Matthew on all information that he had gathered during his last sojourn.  Little that it was.  As the transport came to a stop he gracefully rose and exited.  Glancing to neither left nor right, he proceeded onto the bridge, where he stopped and slowly searched the room.  `Odd', he thought, `Matthew would normally be here at this time.' With an almost invisible shrug, he walked over to the helm.  John Matheson, the ship's First Officer glanced over, welcoming him with his eyes, but saying nothing.

"John, I have just returned and find it rather strange that Matthew is not here on the bridge.  Be a good fellow and tell me of his whereabouts."  The decisive, lightly accented voice was low and persuasive,  his words softened with a smile that almost reached his eyes.

"We had a transport arrive about two hours ago, carrying  a close family friend.  The Captain signed off his watch and they are catching up on old times.  They're in his cabin, having dinner, he asked not to be disturbed."    He knew the Mage made his own rules and was a law unto himself.  In all probability he mused, Galen would interrupt them.

"A family friend…. Transporting over…. Is this person newly assigned to the crew?"  Galen was puzzled and not at all happy with the feeling, preferring to know what was happening so that no small surprises would catch him unaware.

John smiled openly; he was almost enjoying the puzzlement the technomage evinced. He had never seen Galen disconcerted before.  "Actually, we are to deliver one Dr. Aspasia Colfax to a small uninhabited planet called Omni Ceti 4.  It's about three days from our location.  However, we have to stay here for another sixteen hours as we are investigating some ruins on this planet.  Max and several others have been down there in shifts for the last twenty-four."

Galen looked out the window towards the planet they gently orbited.  It seemed like thousands of other planets, unremarkable in any way.  He felt that there would be no lucky finds on this planet.  

"Well then, I suppose that I'll return to my ship and get some rest."  

As he walked with his long purposeful stride down the corridors towards the flight deck, he reflected on Lt. Matheson's oblique warning.  He scowled.  What `old family friend' could Matthew be so protective of?  His curiosity grew and he decided that he must check in with Gideon and solve this riddle.  He proceeded down two more corridors until he reached the correct cabin. Galen reached out and touched the com pad by the door.  He heard a faint `come in,' and the door slid silently open.  As he entered the room, he quickly scanned the area. Matthew was sitting on the couch with a female of approximately thirty or so years of age.  This was obviously his `old family friend.'  

"Galen! It's about time that you returned.  Started to wonder if you had encountered any trouble."  Matthew smiled nonchalantly and gestured for him to enter and take a seat.

Walking further into the room, he became increasingly aware of a light scent, highly appealing, almost like that of dew kissed flowers.  It soon became apparent that this unusual and exotic scent was the woman's perfume.  Galen took in her appearance as he sat down.  She was tiny, maybe 5' 1" at the most and very slender.  From what Galen could see however, her breasts appeared large and firm.  Nevertheless, this did not detract from her pixie like form.  "I just thought that I would check in now that I have returned.  There's not much to tell you, as I really didn't find anything of importance on this sojourn."  He was feeling somewhat uneasy in this intimate setting, realising he had intruded upon something very private and was just searching for an excuse to leave, when Matthew interrupted his train of thought.

"Galen, this is a old family friend of mine, Dr. Aspacia Colfax - known each other since we were kids.  Aspacia just made this wonderful desert, to finish off our dinner.  Would you like to try some?  I've never tasted anything so chocolate and sinfully decadent."  Without even waiting for Galen's reply he went over to the table and served up a small dish of a dark brown gooey substance with lighter tan coloured streaks in it.

Taking the proffered dish, he smiled his thanks.

Aspacia quietly laughed; a tinkling, bell like sound, reached over and gently cuffed Gideon on the side of the head. "Matthew, sometimes I marvel at your lack of people skills."   He smiled at her playful hit and growled.  She transferred her gaze to Galen and smiled openly and warmly.  

"Please, feel welcome to join us.  `Thew and I have been laughing over some of the antics we used to get into.  Enjoy your double chocolate mousse.  It comes from a very old family recipe."  She smiled again and rose from the couch.  Gracefully she almost appeared to float towards the table. "Anyone else for coffee?"  Matthew agreed quickly and Galen only responded when she lifted a questioning eyebrow in his direction.  She quickly poured three coffees and brought them into the sitting area with whitener and sugar.

Her attention focused on their guest as she sat down on the couch, curling up like a kitten.  " I know that you're a technomage, do you know another by the name of Parwynn?"  She asked quietly, almost breathlessly.

Galen was surprised at her knowledge of what he was, but he was even more surprised to hear her ask about a technomage who was an old acquaintance of his.  "Yes, I know Parwynn.  Tell me, Aspacia, may I call you that? How do you come to know one of our order?"

Again she lightly laughed and nodded her head in agreement.  "Yes, you may indeed call me Aspacia.  Parwynn and I met about four years ago on a bleak and almost barren planet.  I was cataloguing the plant life there and he was seeking some seclusion.  Some peace and quiet if you will.  Unfortunately, I stumbled into his solitude and destroyed it for him.  We've been friends ever since.  Or I've at least been as close to a friend as a technomage has."  She glanced at the almost empty dish that Galen was holding.  "So, what did you think of my double chocolate mousse?" she asked with an impish look in her eyes.

He looked down and was surprised to see that he had eaten almost all of it.  "It was most enjoyable, but I'm curious as to the flavour variables in it.  There was most definitely chocolate but something more that I cannot put a name to.  You are a remarkable cook."  Galen actually allowed himself to smile as he was saying this.  He felt a warmth radiate from this small woman; an openness and welcoming that he had rarely met.

Standing suddenly, he walked over to the table.  There he quickly placed his dish down.  " I really must go.  It has been a long day and I suddenly feel extremely tired.  Please forgive my intruding upon your evening."  With that said, he quickly exited the cabin, leaving Matthew and Aspacia staring after him in quiet wonder.

Galen stalked down the corridors feeling an odd frustration eat at him.  He had left for a litany of reasons.  The first and foremost being that a small imp of a woman had started to work her way into his thought and feelings.  In a bare twenty minutes she had made him feel a warmth and lightness of being that he hadn't felt in a long time.  He promised himself as he entered his ship that he would avoid her at all cost during the rest of her stay on the Excalibur.


It was mid morning the next day when he finally ventured forth from his ship and proceeded towards the bridge.  He hoped to have a few minutes alone with Matthew to discuss his trip and find out what was next on the roster.  That was, of course, after dropping one tiny female off at a vaguely known planet; a planet so vaguely known in fact, that his ship's computer had minimal information on it.  Galen wasn't really paying close attention to where he was going, as he knew the ship to the last detail.  As he walked the corridors, he knew that people would move themselves out of his path.  It amused him to know that most of the crew members onboard were either in awe of him or nervous and somewhat fearful of his presence.  As he turned a corner, he caught the faint alluring scent of a familiar perfume.  Suddenly his thoughts on how to best revamp his latest pet project fled from his mind.  Looking left and right he glanced quickly around to see if one Dr. Colfax was in sight.  He was both relieved and saddened that she was not.  `Funny," he thought, `this is a most unusual reaction.  I should be glad she's not here, considering how she can so easily unsettle me.  A very strange reaction indeed."

Whilst he had been focusing on his own thoughts the object of his musings had entered the corridor from the galley.  She had spent a few seconds watching him walk down the corridor, taking in his long, almost arrogant stride, his erect bearing and knew that she wanted to get to know this man better.  Never having been a wilting flower, as her mother would say, she quickly walked behind him until she was about twenty feet away.

"Galen, stop, please, I feel a little like a pony in a race with a thoroughbred."  She exclaimed breathlessly.

Halting, he turned around, noticing the woman who had intruded into his mind and musings.  He did not smile at her approach but had a sudden urge to, to what?  He wasn't really sure just what he wanted to do.  He did know however that she had the most beautiful and open smile he had ever seen.  "Dr. Colfax. Aspasia. Good morning." Galen was almost brief in his greeting.  

His tormentor chose to ignore the curtness of his salutation.  She knew from her many conversations with Parwynn that most technomages used a minimum of words.  "I was wondering if perhaps you would join me tonight for dinner?  Say seven'ish?"  Her touch on his sleeve attracting his attention. She glanced at his face as he looked down at her hand resting gently on his arm.  She almost laughed at his bemused expression.

He looked up and noticed the humour in her eyes.  `What in the universe did she find so amusing?' he thought.  "I'm sorry," he replied stiffly, "but I must decline."

"I absolutely refuse to take no for an answer.  If you won't come and have dinner with me, then I'll just have to bring dinner to you.  It's a big ship, but I'm sure that I'll find you."  She stood up as tall as her petite frame would go -  her body language indicated that she would indeed search him out.  Around them, crewmembers walking down the corridor were looking at them in puzzled amazement.  He was both enchanted at her open audacity and somewhat embarrassed by the attention they were attracting.

"Very well, Aspacia, I'll have dinner with you," he briskly replied.  "Seven o'clock you said, your cabin?"

She smiled at his acceptance to her invitation, although it was grudgingly given.  "Yes Galen, seven, at my cabin.  Oh, by the way, bring a hearty appetite."  With that, she dropped her hand from his arm and proceeded gracefully down the corridor and he continued on his way.  He was still wondering how he had lost out to a mere sprite of a woman, admittedly a charming, alluring and strong willed woman, as he entered the bridge.  Watching his approach, Matthew could see something was bothering his friend.

He stood as Galen reached his side, and waved him towards the conference room.  "Shall we talk in there? You seem slightly on edge."

In the conference room, he took a seat and watched as Galen uncharacteristically paced.  A slow pace, but pacing just the same.  Something had upset his friend's state of mind.  "What is the matter?  I can't ever remember seeing you this rattled before.  Damn it, stop pacing and sit down."  He watched the tall man try to settle himself in the chair glowering at Matthew as he established himself more comfortably.  "So talk, what's the problem?"

Galen was for once totally speechless.  He didn't know what to say.  He opened his mouth as though about to say something, then quickly closed it again.  Matthew was struck by the technomages reaction.  This was indeed something unsettling for his friend.

"I just want to give you a briefing of the few facts I found while I was away," Galen stated.  He appeared to once again be in total control of himself.  "Actually, I found very little and most of it is very unimportant."  

For the next twenty minutes they discussed every aspect of Galen's latest trip and all of the information, such as it was, that he had gathered.  Matthew was still curious however as to what had caused his earlier upset.

"So," he queried "would you like to tell me now what was causing you to be so out of sorts earlier?"  He watched closely for any response.

"Out of sorts, me?"  

Matthew smiled, "Yeah you, giving a good imitation of someone with a big problem and no answers."  

"No problem, really.  But your small friend is rather forceful when she wants something, isn't she?"  He did not want to sound condemning of her.  After all, he would hate to endanger their friendship yet again.  Once was enough.

His friend's laughter did little to help.  "Forceful? She's very forceful.  Always gets her own way, or almost always.  So what did she do to get you tied up in knots?"

He was surprised at the easy way Matthew talked about her.  "Well as a matter of fact she invited me for dinner tonight.  Actually, she said that if I refused she would search the ship and bring dinner to me.  Is she always so strong willed?"

"Yup, that's Aspacia.  Strong willed, determined, and goes after what she wants.  And yes, she would have tracked you to the bowels of this ship if you had refused.  She mentioned after you left last night that she was going to talk to you.  She's somewhat close to this technomage Parwynn and is curious about you.  Just go and have dinner with her, make small talk.  She's a great cook, all the women in her family are."  He headed for the bridge.  "Well, some of us have work to do.  Enjoy your dinner."

For the next several hours, he kept his mind from the meal by working on technical updates for his computer.  He had mixed feelings about tonight.  Filled with an odd sense of anticipation and almost dread.  His mind abstractly wandered over his reaction to Aspacia.  True she was very alluring and womanly - albeit a bit too tiny for his liking.  She was personable and outgoing, charming, easy to be with and seemed to find life in general humorous.  Galen had to admit a personal defeat.  He knew that there was no way he would be able to keep Aspacia as distant as he liked to keep most people.  She had a quick and easy way of getting through ones defences.


At one minute to seven, Galen gently touched the com pad at Aspacia's door.  From within he heard the gentle rhythm of music and then she called out for him to enter.  As he entered the room, his senses were assailed by aromas that he found most enticing.  First, he recognised her perfume.  However, tonight it was slightly different, headier, more enticing, washing over him in waves that almost caressed him.  Secondly, he noticed the aroma of food, rich, warm and surprisingly mouth-watering.

His hostess smiled warmly and waved him towards the sitting area.  "Please, come in and take a seat.  Would you like a glass of wine before dinner?"  She walked towards him, carrying two glasses of light coloured wine.  Before seating himself, he carefully hung his cloak over the back of a nearby chair.  

"Thank you, wine would be nice."  He watched her closely as she handed him his glass.

She laughed gently and picking up his mages cloak, swiftly hung it away and then proceeded to curl up like a kitten at the other end of the couch.  He was amazed at the gown she wore.  It was floor length and opaline in colour, shining with muted blues, greens, pinks, and yellows, depending on how the light struck it.  In the shaded areas, the gown looked silvery white.  The dress moulded her perfect breasts and drew attention to their size and shape.  Below the bust, the material fell to the ground in soft pleats. It was sexually alluring and yet almost virginal.

" I do hope you're not terribly upset with me, forcing you to come to dinner tonight; It's just that I knew that I would be alone this evening as Matthew is catching up on some important work. And, well, you're the only other person that I have met onboard.  Please forgive me if I've upset you.  Believe it or not, I did feel a twinge of guilt over the tactics I used to get your agreement."  She smiled warmly at her guest and then took a sip of her wine.  As he watched, her tongue licked across her upper lip to gently remove a missed drop.  He had the strongest urge to lean over and kiss the dewdrop of wine from her.  

'Where had that idea come from?' Galen wondered.  "No, I'm not upset with you.  It's just that I rarely intermingle with the people on board.  I'm a rather solitary person.  You took me by surprise, that's all."  He smiled gently at her and wondered what she was doing to him.  Her perfume was invoking the most erotic images, it was like an aphrodisiac, entering his senses and overpowering his will.   Uncurling herself she stood up and stretched out her hand to him.  "Well, I promise that I will be gentle with you then.  Shall we have dinner now?"  

Accepting her hand he rose from the couch marvelling at how tiny and fragile it appeared against his.  He held her chair for her while she seated herself before joining her at the table.  Dinner passed surprisingly quickly, she was an amusing companion.  They had served themselves and while eating had talked almost non-stop.  Aspacia truly was remarkable at getting a person to open up to her.  There was a sincerity about her that made one more than willing to answer all of her questions.  Galen also found that indeed her culinary talents were indescribable.  The tastes, smells and textures all blended into a kaleidoscope of gastronomical delight.

"Shall we have coffee and our desert on the couch?  I always find that I enjoy my desert so much better there."  She picked up a tray, bearing two cups, a carafe, and condiments for the coffee.  "Would you please bring that tray on the far end of the table?  The one with the two small domed dishes and the larger one."  She smiled delicately as he carried out her request and followed her to the couch. She seated herself and proceeded to pour the coffee.  

"Cream, sugar, what would you like?"   Galen almost said `You' before he had control of himself.  

"Black is fine, thank you."  This was a much safer answer.

She passed him his coffee and then lifted the lids of the two small dishes.  In these were some small round flat cakes about the size of buttons.  Tiny, but aromatic.  She then lifted the lid off the other dish.  In that was a warm smooth dark chocolate sauce.  This she gentle spooned over the cakes.  When she was done, she passed the first one towards Galen.  He smiled his thanks as he accepted her offering.

Picking up her own dish, she curled into her usual position on the couch.  Galen was treated to a beautiful smile from her as she said, "Chocolate is my all time favourite food.  I wish that I could live on it alone.  Did you know that chocolate is one of the oldest recorded sweet treats next to honey?  It was also considered once to have been an aphrodisiac."  She watched him from beneath lowered lashes.  

Galen shivered with excitement.  For some unknown reason, his longing and desire for this woman had been increasing all evening.  He was using a great deal of self-control to keep this dinner on a friendly footing.  "No, I hadn't realised chocolate had such a long and colourful history.  However, I do agree that it is highly enjoyable."

Aspacia laughed in a low almost wanton way.  "Shall I show you some of the other uses for warm, melted chocolate sauce?"  She purred. Her tone was warm and seductive.

His attention firmly engaged she gently moved from her curled position and moved towards him, laughing as she knelt beside him.  She took his dish from his suddenly nerveless fingers; slowly, she dipped a finger into the warm sauce and then gently proceeded to paint his lips with it.  A jolt of heat swept his body as her finger smoothed over his mouth.  He suddenly wanted more than that one chocolate covered digit there.  He wanted her lips.  She stopped her painting and sat back as if to admire her handiwork.  With a soft low moan, she lent forward and placed her lips on his.  Gently her tongue flicked out and teasingly licked the chocolate away.

Galen reached out for her and pulled her fully onto his firm, hard thighs.  His hands roamed her back, pulling her closer as his tongue met hers in a fiery, chocolate tasting dance.  His hands gently slid down her sides, feeling her tiny size.  Her heart racing with excitement under his palm until it cupped her breast.  She moaned with pleasure at his touch.  Galen only knew that he wanted her - wanted to feel her flesh against his.  

As if she could read his mind she slipped a hand between them and undid a hidden clasp on the front of her gown and the shimmering creation slid open, baring her to his view.  Pulling his heated lips from hers, he gazed at those breasts that had so fascinated him.  Firm, full, and ripe, he lifted her higher against his body until he could taste their perfection.  Her nipples hardened at his touch and she gave a low cry.  As he sucked and nibbled on one perfect breast, his hand was moulding and cupping its twin.  

She reached out and started to undo his shirt needing to feel his hard body.  She gasped with excited passion when she found his lightly furred chest.  After undoing his shirt completely, she gently proceeded to remove it from his body.  Galen was more than happy to be rid of it.  As she kissed and caressed his neck with her lips, her small fingers were working another type of magic on his chest.  Using her well-manicured nails to arouse and harden his own nipples.  

Abruptly she stopped and pulled away from him.  "I'm feeling rather overdressed right now, aren't you?" She stood up and with a shrug was free of the gown.  It lay puddled at her feet.  Galen stood and with equal alacrity divested himself of his own clothes.  It was easy to see from her gaze that she was enjoying the view of his body.  

With one hand on his chest, she pushed him back onto the couch.  "Wouldn't we be more comfortable in the bedroom?"  Galen asked in heated hunger.  She smiled and shook her head. Kneeling on the floor in front of him, she grabbed the large dish of chocolate.

"No Galen, remember, I was going to show you other uses for chocolate.  This is one that you'll always remember." With a wanton, hungry gaze she dipped her fingers into the dark mass and reached for his hardened staff.  Galen hissed in ecstasy as she smeared his length with the warm chocolate. Gently, she blew on her handiwork.  Galen could feel the blood rushing heatedly through his body.  With a hungry groan she leaned forward and took him in her mouth.  His body jerked in response.  Eagerly she licked the sauce from him until there was no trace of chocolate anywhere except around her lips.

Galen knew that he had to have her and soon.  Grabbing her shoulders, he pulled her pliant length against him. His lips claimed hers hungrily as his hands swept over her body.  

"I want you, please, now," she moaned against lips.  She straddled his thighs and arched against his body.  Lifting her slightly higher, he felt her moist heat enshroud him.  With an inarticulate cry, she took his full length.  Galen grasped her waist and held her still, savouring the feel of her body.  She fit his length like a warm silk glove.  Never before had he felt such hunger and tenderness for a woman.  He heard her moan her need and responded.  Swiftly he twisted their still entwined bodies until she was lying on the couch.  Her arms encircled his neck as her lips reached eagerly for his.  Their bodies met and mated in a rhythm older than time, reaching out to each other, giving pleasure and finding it in return.  

Galen listened to the rapid tempo of her breathing and heard her small cries of pleasure.  His need increased until he was almost mindless.  Suddenly he felt her body spasm against his and heard her cry of release, and he gave himself to her in one final deep thrust joining his ecstasy with hers - kissing her softly as their breathing slowed, and bodies cooled.

She again had a smile on her lips.  `She has the most endearing smile,' Galen thought.  He reached out a finger and moved it over her lips.  "What are you smiling at now my sweet?"

"How do you like my other use for chocolate?" Aspacia gaze coyly roamed his face.

Her small hands gently caressed his chest and shoulders.  "But alas, the chocolate is cold, the coffee is cold, and I'm starting to think that maybe we should find somewhere more comfortable than this couch.  Take me to bed, Galen."

He knew he would refuse her nothing.  With a smile and a laugh Galen picked her up and carried her soft willing body to the bedroom.

                                    To be continued in part 2...