Title: Crystal Key
Author: Iocane
E-mail: Iocane@crosswinds.net
Rating: NC-17 For male sexual situations and slashish themes.
Summary: Max isn't the only one who likes to watch.
Disclaimer: THIS STUFF ISN'T MINE!!! It belongs to other people who would most likely have me shot for this stuff. "A vague disclaimer is nobody's friend."
Spoilers: Vague, vague spoilers for Needs of Earth ... Character spoilers, not really plot spoilers.
Fandom: Crusade
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Crystal Key

Galen watched from his ship as Max Eilerson slid a data crystal into the compartment. The archeologist was unaware of his audience as the crystal activated, filling his quarters with the soft gasps and moans of two men, one human, one alien, and an alien woman.

Max slid back in his chair, his face impassive, but his hand sliding down his body, caressing the bulge in his slacks.  Galen licked his lips, watching as the other man undid his pants, freeing his impressive cock.

[No wonder that man has such an ego.] Galen thought wryly as he watched Max stroke himself. His own leather pants had grown increasingly uncomfortable, and he too felt the need for release. Freeing his hard shaft, he gazed again at the sphere in his hand, showing him Max's quarters.

Max licked his lips at the image on the screen, his hand tightening on his cock. Galen's eyes flickered to the large screen the other man was watching an his eyes widened. A fourth character had been added to the scene and was clearly a dominating factor. Galen turned his attention back to the blonde man, who was stroking himself with increased vigor.

Galen matched the increase, not wishing Max to beat him to the punch. His eyes flickered to the view screen again, noticing that there were only two people left.

The tall blonde human, and the black leather clad new comer.  Galen was too distracted by his own body to be peeved at the inaccuracy of the costume.

As both men watched, stroking themselves, the scene on the data crystal unfolded.

The video technomage, using a combination of cheap special effects and a prop whip forced the weakly protesting human onto the bed. Galen again turned his attention to Max, enjoying the human's reaction far more than the movie itself.

Max licked his lips, his hips bucking slightly as he neared orgasm. His blue eyes were filled with lust, but Galen suspected deeply that it had little to do with the contents of the data crystal.

Galen moaned softly, himself working closer and closer to orgasm. His ship was filled with Max's groan, as he came all over his hand. Galen was about to bring himself off when he noticed Max's lips moving. The word he saw formed there  was more than enough to send his cock spasming, only seconds behind the other man.

After a moment, Galen closed his hand around the image, shutting his eye to Max's quarters. "So, that's the key to my Maxmillian." he said softly into the darkness.

- Fade - to - Black -