Title: Dessert
Author: Iocane
E-mail: iocane@crosswinds.net
Summary: Dinner is over, it's time for dessert.
Rating: NC-17
Series/sequel: Part two of "Dreams of Silence"
Disclaimer: Galen, John, the Excalibur, and all related names, places, and people belong to JMS and many
other people.  The story itself is mine.
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Warnings: This is an explicit slash story and contains graphic sex between two men. Ice cubes needed.
Notes: First and foremost, thanks to Antoinette for her expert beta'ing, comments, suggestions, motivations,
and generally beating me over the head until I finished it. :)
Second, the following notations are used throughout the series
Single brackets [] around text indicate personal thoughts.
Double brackets [[]] around words indicate telepathy.

Any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated. This is my first planned out story of this scope, so any
suggestions you have would be wonderful.


"Just think of me, and dream of silence."

"Galen ..." John stopped and studied the technomage for a long moment. The yellow light of the candle danced across the angles and planes of his ageless face. John noticed an almost eager look in Galen's eyes, as though he wished desperately for something, but was unable to speak it. John had always found the mysterious man awe-inspiring, if not downright intimidating. Deeper, there was also something John had always been hesitant to name, for fear of disappointment. Even in the darkness, he could see the well defined muscles of Galen's legs under the leather he wore; the broadness of his chest; the gentle strength of his hands.  Shifting in his chair, he tried to bring his mind back to the matter at hand. "I ... That's not enough ... There has to be something I can do ... A gift like this ..." He found he was at a loss to express the joy in his heart, or the anguish that accompanied it.

"Please, John ... I don't dare ask for more ..." Galen looked away, avoiding his gaze for the  first time that evening.

Taking a great chance, John's mind reached out to Galen's. Not a scan, but more of a sensing of what was there.  From experience, he didn't expect to sense anything at all, so he was surprised when he *did* feel something. What he felt, though faint, was unmistakable. He finally knew how he could at least begin to pay the other man back for the priceless gift he offered. It was a payment he was more than willing to make.

He swallowed hard and Galen looked at him, as though he knew what John had seen. The young telepath stood and walked slowly past the table. Standing before Galen, he leaned down, placing one hand on the table, the other on the back of Galen's chair.  "John, I ..." Before he could say more, John dipped his head, pressing his lips against Galen's. They were warmer and softer than he'd expected. He heard Galen shift in his chair and pulled away, standing straight.

Galen stood as well, looking down at John. Silently, he raised his hands, placing one on either side of John's face, his thumbs brushing his cheeks. The young man closed his eyes, savoring the rare and wonderful touch of skin on skin.  Strangely, his mind was still silent, he sensed nothing from Galen now, not even his presence.  If it hadn't been for the gentle touch on his face, he wouldn't have known the man was there.  He felt Galen's breath on his face an instant before he felt Galen's lips on his. The second kiss was brief, but sweet and full of promise.

John sighed softly when Galen moved away. John tried to kiss him again, but Galen held, keeping his hands on John's face.  "That's more of a thanks than I ever hoped for. It's enough."  His whispered words were heavy with emotion.

"No. It's not." John covered Galen's hands with his own. "I know you want this. I want it too." As he spoke, John realized the truth of his words. He'd wanted Galen for a long time, but had been too afraid to admit it, even to himself. That's what he hadn't put a name to. He wanted Galen. Badly.

"Do you really, John? Or do you just think you do, because of what I'm giving you?" Galen's eyes searched his face, looking for the slightest hint of hesitance.

"I really do."

"Then say it." Galen's deep blue eyes pierced to the center of John's soul and he knew he couldn't lie.

John swallowed hard and closed his eyes for a moment. After taking several deep breaths, he opened them, meeting Galen's intense gaze. "I want you, Galen." It was easier than he had expected.

"Thank you." He whispered, bending to kiss John again.

John's hands slid along Galen's arms as their lips met. He opened his mouth, shivering as Galen deepened the kiss. The technomage's arms slid down John's arms and circled his waist.  The kiss was slow, sensual.  Galen took his time, holding John's body firmly against his.  Galen could taste John's sweetness, as well as a hint of the spices he'd used in the food.

The young lieutenant moaned faintly and arched against Galen, wanting to feel every inch of him. His hands trailed down his broad back, feeling the dip of his waist and the firmness of his powerful thighs. He returned Galen's skillful kiss, exploring the other man's mouth in turn.

John could feel his body heating up in response to Galen's attentions. As though he knew what John was thinking, Galen's hands slid up the other man's chest, under the jacket.  John released Galen long enough to let the jacket fall before wrapping his arms around the technomage's neck again. He felt himself moving backwards and soon found his back was flush against the wall, Galen's body pressing against his.

Boldly, John's hands roamed Galen's body; down his back, grazing the upper curve of his buttocks; feeling again the play of muscle in Galen's thighs. Galen's lips made their way to John's jaw, moving steadily back to nibble on his ear. John gasped at the tender nips as they moved down his neck, stopping where his shirt began. He slipped his hands between their bodies, and his fingers brushed the bulge in Galen's leather pants.

The taller man froze at John's touch, eternally grateful for the years of practiced self control. Reaching down, he took John's hands in his and kissed the fingers of each before speaking. "I can't do this ..."

"Galen ..." John felt himself go cold.

"Shh," He silenced John with a kiss that was both chaste and passionate. "I can't do this ... here." As he spoke, John could see an opening forming in the wall behind Galen. It was clearly a sleeping chamber of some kind with a large bed. Galen took John's hand, their fingers laced together, and led him towards the new room.

Standing beside the bed, Galen once again lowered his mouth to John's, capturing the other man's mouth in a rough kiss. He could feel John's heart thudding under his hands as they trailed downwards, pulling the shirt free of his pants. Breaking the kiss only a moment, he pulled the black garment over John's head, tossing it to the floor. Wrapping his arms  around John, he explored the smoothness of his back and shoulders. They continued to kiss, each man seeming to try and out do the other.

Shivering at Galen's touch, still unused to such bold contact of skin, John's hands looked for ways inside Galen's clothes. Feeling the smooth expanse of John's back, and the other man's searching hands, Galen pulled away again, he needed to be sure of one more thing before he went any further.

"John ..." Galen stepped back, his hands on John's shoulders. "There's something you need to know. I should have mentioned it earlier but I ..." His lips curled in a smile that made John's heart skip a beat. "I was caught in the heat of the moment." He caressed the other man's cheek with the back of his hand. "You have to know something about me. I ... It might change your feelings about this." John opened his mouth to protest and Galen placed a finger on his lips, silencing him.  "I'm not entirely human. All members of my order have enhancements. Some, of course are more visible than others..." Thinking of nothing else to say, Galen decided it was time John saw what he was made of, at least partially.

Stepping back, Galen turned around, facing away from John. Closing his eyes, he pulled his shirt off, knowing the other man could see the most visible of his implants sticking out of his back.

After a long, heavy moment, John spoke. "Do they hurt?" His voice was soft, tender, and held a hint of worry. Galen could feel John's warm fingers tracing near the implants, but not touching them. Galen could feel the young man's concern and it touched him deeply.

"Not anymore." The hands left Galen's back and he was shocked to feel John's lips brushing against the skin around one of the implants. The touch sent unexpected thrills up and down Galen's spine. He felt John move away and turned to face him. Galen surged forward and captured John's mouth in a kiss that was so fierce as to be almost brutal.

John slid his arms around the taller man's neck, returning the kiss for all he was worth. Galen pulled his mouth from John's, moving to kiss along his jaw, back to nibble his ear. His hands moved up John's chest, feeling the other man's beaded nipples against his palms.

John arched into his hands, his whole body shaking with the overwhelming sensations. He'd never been so physically bare with anyone and his hands were exploring Galen's broad chest, teasing the pert nipples. His fingers trailed down his hard stomach, feeling the strange warmth of the buckle.

Galen chuckled at John's hesitation, his warm breath tickling John's neck and sending shivers down his spine. Something occurred to him, making him once again unsure. "John ..." He raised his head and met the other man's eyes. "Have you ever ..."

"Once. When I was 17. She was even more nervous than I was." John smiled lopsidedly, looking somewhat embarrassed at being so inexperienced. "Never with a man ... Though I've wanted to."

"All right. I'll go easy then ..." Galen lowered his lips to John's ear, kissing the earlobe before whispering. "This time."

John gasped both at Galen's words and the blast of hot air in his ear. His pants had become almost painfully tight and seemed to be getting tighter, though John wondered if it were even possible. He jumped when he felt Galen's hands caressing the bulge, his nimble fingers undoing his pants.

Galen moved quickly, sliding the zipper of John's slacks down, working his hands below the waistband and pushing them down, letting them fall to the floor, leaving John standing only in a pair of black briefs.

Returning his mouth to John's, he ran his hands over the erection that was pulsing under the black cloth. Galen could feel John's hands on his shoulders, his neck, moving down his chest. He arched into the younger man's hands, encouraging his boldness. He could feel John's hands probing around the buckle, trying to find a way to get it off.  Galen slid his hands up to John's waist and whispered. "Sit down ..." before he stepped back.

John sat, acutely aware of his arousal showing through his underwear. The bed was feather soft and John felt it give under his weight. It felt vaguely like a waterbed, only a touch more firm. John bounced once, feeling it ripple gently under his hands. Galen chuckled and John looked up, his breath catching in his throat.

Locking eyes with John, the technomage ran his fingers over the buckle, pulling it away and sliding the belt off. John's hand found its way inside his briefs and he stroked himself slowly, awed at Galen's appearance. As he watched, Galen's pants slid down his long legs, leaving him completely naked, his arousal as evident as John's. John's eyes were fixed on Galen's staff and his tongue darted out to lick his lips.

Galen seemed to melt into the floor as he sank fluidly to his knees, resting his hands on John's thighs. Looking up at John's face, he reached up and pulled John's hand out of his briefs, sliding his own fingers along the waistline. John leaned back on the bed and raised his hips as Galen hooked his fingers under the elastic and pulled his briefs off.

Galen wrapped his long fingers around John's shaft, listening to the young man gasp as he began to stroke him, squeezing the head gently. John arched into his hand, eager for more.  Glancing up, Galen met the other man's eyes. They were full of lust, pleasure, eagerness to please, passion, and a small fear of failure. Keeping his eyes locked with John, he pressed his lips against the base of his shaft, inhaling John's intoxicating scent. Parting his lips, his tongue flitted out, teasing its way up the length of John's member, dancing around the head.

John moaned and gripped the bed sheets when he felt Galen's lips slide around him, taking him into his inhumanly skillful mouth. Everything was so new, so unexpected. He was amazed he didn't explode then and there. John felt Galen's mouth and tongue work magic on him, somehow keeping him at the heights of passion, but not letting him go over. After an eternity, he whimpered the other man's name in desperation; in passion.

Galen felt his own body shiver at hearing his name spoken in those tones from John's lips. Deciding that John had had enough, he took him completely into his mouth, squeezing his throat around the sensitive head. He was rewarded when John arched upwards, his body exploding with pleasure unlike anything he'd ever felt.

After a long moment, the young telepath's body stilled and he collapsed backwards onto the bed, chest heaving. He didn't see Galen rise, or move beside him on the bed, but he felt himself roll towards the larger man as Galen joined him. Turning his head, he met Galen's vivid blue eyes and tried to speak, but was unable to make his throat work. Or his mind for that matter.

Galen covered John's lips with a finger, replacing it an instant later with his lips. Galen moved half over John, supporting his weight on his hands planted on either side of John.

John felt his strength returning and he kissed the technomage, tasting his own juices in the other man's mouth. A part of his mind wondered if Galen's semen had the same tangy flavor.  He ran his hands along Galen's chest, loving the play of muscle under his soft skin. A part of him just wanted to touch the other man. All over; discover every different texture on his body; feel every dip and swell of muscle and sinew. He could feel Galen's cock pressing into his leg. Boldly, he slid a hand down around it, feeling the smooth skin over the hardness and exploring the texture, memorizing the pattern of veins.

Galen gasped at the sudden touch and pressed himself into John's hand. For a moment he let the other man explore.  Finally removing John's hand, Galen slid to his side, pulling John so he was spooned against him, his arm around John's waist.

John felt Galen slide one arm under his neck and rested his head on it as a pillow. John's knees were bent and he could feel Galen pressing against his cleft, throbbing gently. He had some idea what was coming, and his heart was racing. Part of him was deathly afraid he wouldn't please the other man.

Despite trying to prepare himself, John couldn't help but flinch as he felt Galen's fingers probing him, seeking his entrance. As soon as he moved, Galen froze. "John? Are you sure you want this? Please, don't do this just because I want you."

"I-I'm not. Please, Galen ..." Unable to find the words, he arched his back, trying to encourage Galen's fingers.

Galen's lips rested on John's neck, feeling the man's rapid pulse as he slid a finger into him. His finger was slick and went in easily this time. He let John accustom himself to the intrusion before he moved. Working slowly, watching John intently as he prepared the other man for what was coming. He chuckled as he teased John, making the other man jump with unexpected pleasure as he worked to relax him.

Keeping his fingers still, he nuzzled John's ear, whispering softly. "Ready?"

John nodded, pushing back slightly against Galen's warm fingers. "Yes..." His voice was eager, husky with passion.

Slowly removing his fingers, Galen placed himself at John's entrance. He saw the smaller man brace himself on the bed as he slid forward, barely entering him. Placing one hand firmly on John's hip, Galen kissed his neck as he slid forward, feeling John stretch around him.

Moving slowly, he finally entered John completely. Galen was unmoving while inside John, letting him get used to the invasion, however welcome. He gazed for a moment at the side of John's face. Sliding a hand up, he caressed the other man's cheek. John turned his face into Galen's hand and smiled, kissing his palm. Galen cupped his chin and kissed him lightly, savoring the feel of John's warm lips against his.  John nuzzled the arm under his head, sliding his hand along the smooth forearm.  His hand met Galen's and he felt Galen's fingers curl around his hand.

Looking down John's body, Galen smiled. Moving his hand from John's cheek, he wrapped his fingers around John's hard again shaft. He heard John moan softly as he caressed the rigid flesh.

Galen slowly moved backwards, sliding out of John, then pushed forward, causing him to gasp with sudden pleasure. Building up slowly, he thrust into John, his hand stroking the other man in time with his thrusts.

John moaned softly and began to move against Galen, urging him on with his body. Galen thrust into him, moving faster as John's moans encouraged him. He felt his own pleasure rising to a crest and knew John wasn't far behind, despite his recent release. Determined to make it as enjoyable for John as possible, Galen increased his motions, sending John over the edge, soaking the sheets and Galen's hand.

As John's moan of ecstasy filled the air, Galen felt the young man's entire body convulse, sending the technomage over the edge.

For a long moment, the two men lay still, nestled together and slowly recovering.


"Shh..." Galen hushed the young man with a finger at his lips.  This time, John opened his mouth and wrapped his lips around the tip of Galen's finger, his teeth closing around it gently.

Galen chuckled and tilted John's head to face him. Pulling his finger away, he quickly kissed the other man. Sliding back, he rolled John onto his back and kissed him deeply, but slowly, taking his time to be thorough.

John returned the kiss, sliding his arms around the technomage. Galen broke the kiss slowly, raising his head to look at John's face; flushed with passion. Raising a hand, Galen dimmed the lights in the bedroom, moving to snuggle with John, wrapping an arm around him.

John snuggled closer, part of his mind still reeling at everything that had happened. He felt his body growing heavy as though remembering how tired he'd been before dinner.  Galen's arms wrapped around him almost possessively, John slipped quietly into a deep slumber filled with true silence.


A breeze ruffled the covers of John's bed as Galen walked into the bedroom of the young lieutenant.  Unwrapping his cloak, he set the young man, fully clothed, on the bed, pulling a blanket over him. Not surprisingly, he hadn't encountered anyone while on his way to John's quarters. Galen knew the secret, unpopulated places of the ship and often used them for travel.

After tucking the young man in, Galen stood, the hood of his black cloak framing a face filled with concern, guilt, and more than a touch of love. Bending, he caressed John's cheek lightly before leaving.