Title: Brunch
Author: Iocane
E-mail: iocane@crosswinds.net
Summary: Galen has a few things to think about.
Rating: R
Series/sequel: Part four of "Dreams of Silence"
Disclaimer: Galen, John, the Excalibur, and all related names, places, and people belong to JMS and many
other people.  The story itself is mine.
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Fic Archive all have ongoing permission. Anyone else, please ask.
Warnings: M/M sex implied, slightly graphic.
Notes: First and foremost, thanks to Antoinette for her expert beta'ing, comments, suggestions, motivations,
and generally beating me over the head until I finished it. :)   
Second, the following notations are used throughout the series
Single brackets [] around text indicate personal thoughts.
Double brackets [[]] around words indicate telepathy.

Any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated. This is my first planned out story of this scope, so any
suggestions you have would be wonderful.


Galen's ship slipped into orbit around a small planet several light years off any known travel route. Three moons circled it. Under the light cloud cover, a vast expanse of brown covered most of the planet, broken only by a large body of water. Several minutes later the ship left orbit, punching through the poisonous atmosphere and landing in an endless cracked desert.

Stepping from his ship, Galen inhaled deeply, his internal systems sloughing out the poisons with every breath, extracting enough oxygen from the atmosphere to allow Galen several days of unprotected breathing.

A wind ruffled his cloak as Galen stood still, his blue eyes searching the endless desert. There was a faint movement to his left and a second later Galen's staff emitted a needle fine beam of light in that direction. A faint whimpering sound was carried away by the wind as Galen began to walk. Galen stood over the lizard like creature he had shot, then bent to pick it up. The dark brown creature was alive, but unconscious. "May your family forgive me ..." Galen murmured as he neutered the creature, collecting the final item he needed to construct the shields for John.

As he stood, the technomage's mind began to wander, back to that fateful night that had resulted in his journey to this barrenly beautiful world.

The night he'd seduced Lieutenant John Matheson.

[What does that boy think of me now?] He asked himself. He knew quite well that John Matheson was no boy, but he continued to call him that, in the privacy of his own thoughts. [Why did I have to seduce him?] Instead of returning to his ship, Galen walked across the desert, towards a large rock formation. [Because ... I wanted him more than I've wanted anyone in my life.] Even as he thought, a part of his mind was apologizing to his beloved, lost Isabelle. [I think ... ] He told himself after some thought. [That Isabelle would be happy. She wouldn't want me to be alone forever.] So comforted, Galen returned to the question of John.

[I shouldn't have let him kiss me ...] He scolded himself. [He was just doing it because of the offering.] Another part of Galen's mind began to nag. [He wanted it just as much as you did, you blind oaf.] Galen had reached the rock formation, and staff in hand, began to climb. [Perhaps. But what does he want?] Galen reached for a handhold and pulled himself onto a ledge, using his staff to aid in his climb. [What kind of relationship can I offer him? Assuming he would even want one.] Digging his staff into a crack in the rocks, Galen pulled himself onto the top of the rock formation.

[When I get back, I'll let him decide.] Galen thought, as the wind ruffled the edges of his cloak.


John was awakened from a fitful sleep by a loud humming.  Blinking, he saw a bright light emanating from his sitting area. Swinging his legs out of bed, he pulled on a pair of boxers and stepped towards the doorway of his bedroom.

In the center of John Matheson's living room, Galen stood, his back to John, his staff raised. The technomage was surrounded by thousands of tiny specks of a yellowish light. As he watched, the lights swirled around Galen, moving slowly outwards. Several flew past him, through the doorway and vanishing into the walls of his bedroom. One speck landed on his cheek and John felt its warmth briefly before it too vanished.

Turning his attention back to Galen, he watched as the last of the light sank into the floor of his quarters. Taking a deep breath, he reached out his mind, seeking the background hum that he didn't expect to find. It was gone. His quarters were as silent as Galen's ship had been three nights ago. Silent, save for his own breath, and his heartbeat thudding wildly in his ears.

Galen stood still, knowing John was behind him. When the young man didn't speak, he took a step forward, then was stopped by John's gentle voice.

"Thank you."

Galen's breath caught in his throat and he reminded himself to breathe. "You're welcome." he whispered, his voice failing him. [Why did he have to wake up?] John was silent for another moment, and Galen took it as a sign to leave. Before he reached the door, however, John's voice stopped him again.

"Galen ..." He could hear John sigh softly. "Don't go. Please ..."

Galen didn't know later if it was the word, or the desperate note  it contained, but from that moment, he knew he wouldn't be able to leave. He turned, gasping softly when he saw John, his hand tightening on his staff.

The young man was standing in the doorway of his bedroom, one hand raised, leaning against the frame. He wore a pair of simple black boxers and nothing else. His face as as bare as his body, hiding nothing from the technomage. Galen swallowed visibly as his eyes roamed the other man, and he felt his breath quicken. Galen took several steps forward, stopping only inches away from John.

For a moment they gazed into each other's eyes, not quite touching. Galen searched John's deep brown eyes, surprised at the love he saw there. [He really did want to ...] Galen's pulse sped up and he knew John could read his own eyes just as easily.

[He came back.] John thought. His eyes broke from Galen's and moved down his body, and back up, lingering at the noticeable bulge that was forming in the front of his leather pants. [But will he stay?] Returning his eyes to Galen's face, he again locked eyes with the technomage. After a moment, he saw his answer. [He will. If I want him to.]

John also saw that if he wanted Galen that night, he had to make the first move. Trying to ignore the faint trembling, he raised his hand and placed it lightly over Galen's heart. He felt it beating hard against his palm, even though the cloak.

Feeling John's hesitant touch, Galen smiled. He reached a hand up and touched John's face, exactly on the spot the speck of shielding had landed. John couldn't see it, but Galen could. A tiny spot on his cheek, accenting the curve of delicate bone under skin. It would hardly be noticed by anyone else, but Galen saw it. [I've marked him.] he thought almost possessively. Bending his head, he brushed his lips on John's cheek, moving towards his mouth. The technomage could feel John's hands on his chest, moving up to circle around his neck.

Their lips met in a kiss that sent electric shivers down both their spines. Starting gently, Galen teased John's lips, eliciting a small moan of pleasure from him before possessing his mouth completely. Resting his staff on the wall, Galen laid his hands on John's cotton clad hips.

Moving slowly, Galen took a step forward, guiding John backwards until the backs of his legs encountered the edge of his bed. "Lie down, John. I have to show you something." Galen murmured, his breath hot against John's ear.

John obeyed, sliding backwards until he was laying in the center of his bed. Sitting up on his elbows, he looked at Galen, a part of him annoyed that the other man was still fully clothed.

"Close your eyes ..." Galen said softly, and John did so.  Galen swallowed hard. He could feel John's fear as the young man lay back again. [He's afraid I'll leave.] As he slipped out of his cloak, Galen did something he hadn't done since he left the order.

He lowered his own telepathic shields. [[I won't leave, John.]] He said into John's mind.

John's eyes flew open and he sat up, staring in disbelief at Galen. "You ... You're a ..." He stopped, and his eyes grew hungry as he watched Galen stripping.

[[Yes. No one else knows, John. Not even Matthew.]] He didn't need to tell John his desire for secrecy.

"I ..." [[I understand.]] John's mind raced for something to say. He swallowed hard, seeing Galen's body slowly revealed to his hungry eyes.

[[Sometimes, John ...]] Galen, now fully naked, and clearly aroused, knelt on the bed. The blue eyes that met John's were full of hunger, and held a predatory gleam. Leaning forward, he placed his hands on either side of John's hips. [[You have to stop thinking ...]] His strong fingers tugged John's boxers down, freeing the young man's stiff shaft. [[And just be.]]

Galen slowly took John into his mouth, and into his mind.  There was no going back from this.


John lay on his side, feeling Galen's arm around his waist and the technomage pressed close against this body. Smiling to himself, he snuggled backwards, enjoying the contact. Their minds had separated, but a connection remained between them, a remnant of the moment their souls had met.

[[I should go ...]] Galen tried to move away but John gripped his arm firmly.

[[Why? I have tomorrow off ...]]

[[I know ...]] Galen settled back behind his lover, his hand sliding up to idly play with one of John's nipples. [[But what if someone sees?]]

[[So what if someone sees?]] John was unable to hide his annoyance. He squirmed lightly as Galen teased him.  Smiling to himself, he could feel Galen's body beginning to react to his movements. [[I'm not ashamed of us.]]

[[Neither am I.]] Pulling away suddenly, he rolled John onto his back and looked into his eyes. "But I know how people on this ship think of me. If they knew we were together, they would wonder what I've done to you..." His fear for John was clear not only in his words and voice, but also in his emotions, which John could feel very clearly.

"I know ..." John reached out a hand and stroked Galen's cheek. "But I would rather them know from the beginning then find out later ... Life's too short to waste hiding your feelings. From anyone."

"Matthew was right. You're too young for such an old soul."

John chuckled softly. "So, will you stay?" he asked hopefully.

"Yes ..." he placed a quick kiss on John's cheek, where his mark was. "I'll stay."

"And tomorrow?"

"Tomorrow ..." Galen grinned. "Tomorrow will be one hell of a staff meeting."

"Speaking of staffs meeting ..." John's eyes twinkled as he slid his hands down Galen's chest.

"Ye gods, I've created a monster." Galen laughed as he pulled John into his arms and kissed him deeply.