Title: Lunch
Author: Iocane
E-mail: iocane@crosswinds.net
Summary: It's time to tell Gideon.
Rating: PG
Series/sequel: Part five of "Dreams of Silence"
Disclaimer: Galen, John, the Excalibur, and all related names, places, and people belong to JMS and many
other people.  The story itself is mine.
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Warnings: No real warnings, except that it's slash, but you already know that.
Notes: First and foremost, thanks to Antoinette for her expert beta'ing, comments, suggestions, motivations,
and generally beating me over the head until I finished it. :)
Second, the following notations are used throughout the series
Single brackets [] around text indicate personal thoughts.
Double brackets [[]] around words indicate telepathy.

Any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated. This is my first planned out story of this scope, so any
suggestions you have would be wonderful.


Galen awoke, knowing immediately that he wasn't on his ship. He could feel something soft and warm pressed
against him. Sitting up, he shifted slightly and let John Matheson roll onto his back. He could tell the young
man was still very much asleep. Glancing down, Galen could guess at the nature of his dreams. Leaning on one
elbow, he lay beside John and gazed down at his sleeping face.

He was still watching John when the young man awoke. John blinked sleepily, trying to focus on the blue eyed
face hovering over him. Closing his eyes again, he stretched, raising his hands over his head. When he opened
his eyes, the face was closer.

John moaned softly as Galen kissed him. The technomage's mouth was sweet and John pulled away,
remembering what his mouth usually tasted like in the morning. Galen's hands moved to his shoulders, pushing
him gently back onto the bed. He kissed John again, deeply and the lieutenant realized that his own mouth
didn't taste too bad. Returning the kiss, John slid his hands around Galen, his fingertips grazing the warm
metal of the implants on Galen's own flesh.

Finally the kiss ended with both men panting lightly. "Good morning ..." John smiled up at his lover.

"Indeed." Galen's hand gently caressed John's face, lingering a moment on the almost invisible spot on John's

John brought his hand up to cover Galen's, turning his head to kiss the palm. Releasing Galen's hand, John
rolled slightly, shifting onto his side to face Galen. "We should tell Gideon today."

Galen nodded, but John could tell the technomage wasn't eager to disclose the facts of their relationship to his
old friend.

John longed to reach out and touch Galen's mind, to know what he was thinking that made his forehead crease
the way it was.  He decided against it, already worrying about the effects their lovemaking would have on his
next Mr. Jones review. They might call him back simply on the basis of Galen being a technomage.

Galen sighed softly, as though he knew what John was thinking.  "It's all right. We'll tell Gideon." [[And don't
worry about anything ... You won't be getting into trouble with Mr. Jones because of me.]]

John smiled, he knew somehow that Galen was telling the truth.  He would make sure his lover didn't get
carted away simply because of something they both happened to have been born with. Rolling onto his back,
John stretched again. "I'm going to need food before I can face Gideon." He swung his legs off the edge of the
bed and sat up, stretching his arms over his head. John glanced at his clock. "They're switching over right
now, it'll be an hour before I can get anything decent." He scratched his chest lightly.

"We could eat on my ship ..." Galen suggested, watching as John selected clothes to wear and began to dress.
Sliding from the bed, he too began to gather his clothes and dress.

"Good idea ... " He paused for a moment and turned to face Galen. "You still have my jacket, don't you?"

"Yes ... I do ..." He smiled, remembering that night without guilt for the first time.


Several hours later, Gideon entered his quarters, wanting to get out of the bellhop uniform he still to wear. He
knew Galen was back on board, but he hadn't seen the technomage all day.  He wondered what the
technomage was up to now. After he'd left, John had been increasingly nervous and jumpy and he could tell the
young lieutenant hadn't been sleeping well.  Despite Matheson's protests, Gideon was certain it had
something to do with Galen. He wondered what effect Galen's return would have on him. Gideon quickly
changed into a pair of slacks and a comfortable dark red shirt.

The captain had just settled down at his desk to fill out some paperwork when his door chimed. "Come ..." He
looked up to see John Matheson stepping into his quarters. "John ..." He stood.  "What brings you here?" He
studied his lieutenant. The younger man seemed relaxed and more rested then he had in days.

"Well sir ... I'd like to apologize ..."

"Apologize? What've you got to apologize for John?"

"May I sit?"

"Sure ..." Gideon gestured towards his couch, sitting in an arm chair nearby.

"Three days ago you asked me what happened with me and Galen ..."

Gideon sat up straighter, listening with greater interest. "Yes?"

He hoped John would finally tell him what was going on, but didn't want to pressure him.  "Well ..." John
looked up, staring past Gideon.

When his lieutenant didn't speak and continued to stare, Gideon turned and found Galen standing there.

"Have you told him?" The technomage asked.

"No ..." John smiled faintly. His eyes sparkled as he watched Galen.

"Good." Galen moved to stand beside the couch, facing Gideon.  The technomage held his staff in his left
hand, his right hand at his side. If he so much as twitched his fingers, he would touch John's shoulder.

Gideon's mouth hung open slightly as he looked between his friends. Something about them ... Their easy
manner, Galen's closeness to where John was sitting, the way John had visibly brightened when he'd seen
Galen. The electricity that had filled his office when they'd met there three days ago. All at once the pieces
formed in Gideon's mind. He thought a moment before continuing. "You ..." He addressed both of them.
Raising an eyebrow, he finished the question silently. They glanced at each other and Gideon knew he'd been

"Yes, Matthew." Galen very nearly grinned. "We."

"I see." Gideon chuckled softly. "So ... how long as this been going on?

"About -" They both began. Galen nodded for John to continue. "About three days."

Gideon thought back. [Three days. That would make it ...] "The shielding."

A blush rose in Matheson's cheeks. "Yes, sir."

"I knew there was something you hadn't told me." Gideon looked almost accusingly at each man in turn.
Finally he smiled. "But I'm glad you did."

John let out a sigh of relief, and Galen simply smiled down at the young man. "Thank you Captain. We just
thought you should know."

"Thank you. Have you told anyone else yet?"

Galen faced him. "No ..." Galen said. "We ..." he glanced at John. "We thought you should be the first."

"Do you plan on telling the others?" He phrased the question as delicately as he could.

"Yes. We're not sure what exactly to tell them but ..." Galen smiled again at his lover. "We've decided not to
hide it."

Gideon looked at Galen, amazed at how relaxed the technomage was. Turning his eyes to John, he noticed that
his lieutenant seemed to be glowing.

"Well ... I'm happy for you both."

"Thank you Captain. That means a lot to us."

Something occurred to Gideon. "Does this mean you'll be on the ship more?" He asked Galen.

An uncomfortable silence followed until Galen spoke, looking not at Gideon, but directly at Matheson. "Yes. It

John's face lit up at the simple words. Gideon smiled, glad to see his second so happy. "Good ..." He said
softly, pleased at the thought.


When the two men left, Gideon asked Galen to stay a moment.

"Galen ... I'm happy for you two. I really am. But what I said before ... I mean it." he fixed his blue eyed friend
with a hard look.

"I know, Matthew. Believe me, if I hurt him, nothing you could do to me would be worse than what I would do
to myself."

Gideon nodded, knowing Galen well enough to know he was telling the truth. "Galen ... What about ..." He
stopped, hesitant to speak Isabelle's name. Galen hadn't mentioned the woman since their leaving the Well of

"Everything is fine, Matthew." Galen smiled softly. "But your concern is appreciated."

Gideon nodded as Galen left. He sat back at his desk, part of his mind wondering how the rest of the crew
would take this news.


Over the next few days, the word spread through the ship.

Sarah Chambers was quietly happy about it. She noticed that John was far more relaxed than he had been, and
hoped it would continue. She didn't mention the implants she'd seen to John, figuring Galen had it covered.

Dureena admitted to Galen that she was somewhat jealous. The young thief had been feeling acutely lonely in
the past few months. She was glad that at least some people on this mission had someone to turn too. Galen
comforted her, saying that perhaps she wasn't so far from someone as she thought.

Max Eilerson surprised everyone by publicly defending them.  He was in the canteen when he overheard a non
complimentary conversation regarding the couple. Apparently, one of the starfury pilots thought there was
something fishy about the Excalibur's second in command "Shacking up with that god-damned techno-fuck."
The last line was said loudly, clearly he meant everyone to hear him.

The room had fallen silent. Some people agreed with him, though they wouldn't have put it quite that way.
Others disagreed, but didn't want to speak up against the large pilot. Max had approached the table and
calmly told the young man that if he ever again heard him, or anyone else, say anything against Galen or
Matheson, that he would find out about it, and deal with the offender personally. His blue eyes had blazed, and
they knew he was serious. A few of them had heard some rumors about the xenoarcheologist and an incident
on Babylon 5 and didn't want to cross the outwardly calm man.

The next day, when Gideon asked him about it, Max was back to his usual guarded self. "He interrupted my
meal," He said. "I just wanted to shut him up." Something in his voice told Gideon that there were other
reasons behind Max's defense of the relationship. Gideon decided not to press the issue for now. Whatever
reasons Max had were his own.

The incident in the canteen was the only time they seemed to meet with any opposition. After that, it was
accepted by all that John and Galen were together.

The only times Gideon worried at all was when Galen was away from the ship. This was only because John
seemed to withdraw slightly when the technomage wasn't around. It wasn't enough to make Gideon worry.
Being lonely when your lover is away is perfectly understandable. Gideon did have to admit that Galen was
certainly around far more often than he used to be. The technomage also seemed to be more relaxed, more
open than before.

All in all, Gideon decided he was glad the two men had found each other.