Title:  Tidbit

Author:  Iocane

E-mail: iocane@crosswinds.net

Summary:  Galen and John discuss asking Dureena to help them with something.

Rating:  NC-17

Series/sequel:  Part eight of "Dreams of Silence"

Disclaimer:  Galen, John, the Excalibur, and all related names, places, and people belong to JMS and many
other people.  The story itself is mine.

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Crusade Fic Archive all have ongoing permission. Anyone else, please ask.

Warnings:  This is an explicit slash story and contains graphic sex between two men. Ice cubes needed.

Notes:  First and foremost, thanks to Antoinette for her expert beta'ing, comments, suggestions, motivations,
and generally beating me over the head until I finished it. :)

Second, the following notations are used throughout the series


Single brackets [] around text indicate personal thoughts.

Double brackets [[]] around words indicate telepathy.

Na'kel is pronounced "Nah Kell" and does not rhyme with "snorkel"

Any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated. This is my first planned out story of this scope, so any
suggestions you have would be wonderful.


John sighed softly, rolling onto his side and facing Galen. he smiled and rested his head on the technomage's
shoulder, shifting closer. He could feel Galen's hand idly caressing his back, sending tiny shivers down his

Slowly, their minds began to separate and the boundaries between their soul reformed. As they withdrew,
Galen caught something in John's mind that made him smile.

John noticed his lover's lips curving upward. He hadn't realized what Galen had seen. "What?"

Galen raised his head and regarded his young lover for a moment, his eyes twinkling and his lips smiling.

John could feel a faint blush rising in his cheeks. He didn't know what to say. Galen had returned today from
an absence of a week, his longest yet. In the last few days, John had found himself fantasizing about Dureena.
Never seriously, or for very long, but Galen must have picked up on one of the lingering images.

"John, it's all right." Galen kissed him. "She's a very beautiful woman. If you weren't so worried about Mr.
Jones, you'd've seen a few things in my mind about her." He kissed John again, wanting to impress upon him
that he had no objection to his lover thinking about Dureena. Galen knew that what they had went far, far
deeper than physical lust. Galen also knew a few things about Dureena's culture that John didn't.

Slowly, tenderly, without words, Galen showed John exactly what was on his mind. Thoughts and images flew
between them faster then could be followed. Galen showed/told him of a tradition among Dureena's people
involving same sex couples. John was intrigued, but unsure if Dureena would want to. Galen felt she would, but
assured John he would ask her while John was on shift the next day.


"The Na'kel?" Dureena asked, unable to hide her surprise. "You and John having problems?" Dureena knew
the many reasons for the simple tradition, she wondered which had caused the couple to bring it up. She hoped
it was one of the better ones.

"No ... Not at all." Galen was perched on the edge of her table, which was at the height of a normal chair. "It's
just that ... Well ... Except for me, John hasn't had an enormous amount of ... experience." Dureena nodded,
understanding. "And last night he told me he found you quite attractive." His voice softened and he could see
Dureena blush slightly. "And so do I." he added.

"Are you sure he really wants to?" She asked. "I mean ... I'll admit ... I've thought about you two quite often."
Her blush deepened and she looked away, a small smile tugging at her lips. "And I'm honored that you would
ask me to be part of the Na'kel."

"He was quite intrigued at the prospect, but insisted that I ask you first."

"And you don't mind?" She asked seriously, fixing her old friend with a questioning look.

"If I minded, would I have suggested it in the first place?" Galen assured her.


"She said yes." Galen said as John walked into his quarters.

"She did?" John sat beside Galen on the couch. Before he could inquire further, Galen pulled him close for a
kiss. Releasing him, Galen let John stretch out on the couch, his head resting on Galen's thigh.

Galen's right hand rested lightly on John's chest, his other hand stroking John's black hair. "Yes, she did."
Idly, his hand tugged at the zipper of John's jacket. "She was concerned about whether you did or not ..." He
slid his hand under the jacket, teasing John's nipples through the fabric of his undershirt.

John hissed softly, arching slightly into Galen's hand. "Did you tell her I did?"

"Of course ..." Galen trailed his hand down John's stomach, past his belt to caress the bulge that had formed
in the front of his uniform pants.

"When?" He breathed, raising his hips, pressing against Galen's hand.

"Well, I wanted to wait ..." Galen's hand skillfully undid John's belt and zipper and slipped inside. Leaning
down, he kissed John briefly as his fingers wrapped around his thick shaft. " ... until you had a day off."

"Good idea ..." John gasped as his lover's hand stroked him. He cursed the awkward position for preventing
him from teasing his lover in return. Before he could say more, Galen kissed him again, slowly, deeply.

Between the kiss, and Galen's hand stroking him, John was panting by the time Galen sat up. Closing his eyes,
he thrust upwards into Galen's strong hand. A moment later, he let out a moan, collapsing against the couch
and Galen's leg as he came down from his orgasm. He felt Galen's fingers lightly brushing his stomach and
crotch, cleaning him tenderly with a method John didn't begin to understand.

Finally his breathing returned to normal and he grinned up at his lover. Sitting up, he sprang to his feet,
kicking off his pants and tugging off his shirt. Standing before Galen, be bent and kissed him hard, catching
the technomage almost by surprise. Galen's hands gripped his arms lightly, supporting him. Pulling away, John
smiled and sank to his knees.

Looking up at his lover, John ran his hands over the warm supple leather that Galen wore. Leaning forward,
he pressed his cheek against Galen's crotch, feeling the technomage's erection straining against the leather.
He looked up to meet Galen's eyes, savoring the heated look he saw on his face. Moving slowly, teasingly,
John worked to undo the fastenings of Galen's pants. Some days he thought Galen wore these pants just to
drive him crazy, in more ways then one. Other days, he *knew* he did. Finally he slid his hand inside, freeing
Galen's rigid cock. Again looking up, his rich brown eyes locked with Galen's vivid blue ones. His hand
stroked Galen a moment and John shivered at the short breaths and tiny sounds he heard from Galen.

"Please ..." Galen panted, his hand on John's hair, stroking it slowly.

Finally taking pity, John's tongue darted out and licked the bead of precum that had formed on the tip. Moving
slowly, his tongue and mouth explored Galen's throbbing shaft. Working his way back from base to tip, John
surged forward, taking Galen into his mouth and throat in a single fluid movement. He heard the technomage
let out a low moan and felt him convulse, his body twitching. Swallowing, John grinned smugly around Galen's
cock. He always enjoyed sending Galen over the edge, hearing the sounds he made, seeing the drained look
on his face.

John sat back, watching Galen recover. Finally his lover opened his blue eyes and grinned down at John.
Wordlessly, he stood, pulling John to his feet.

Later that night they made love again, with a wildness that left them drained. Their minds remained joined for
longer than usual, their souls lingering together.

Before he fell asleep, John asked, laughter in his voice "Do you think Dureena will be able to keep up with

Galen laughed and pulled John closer. "We'll find out tomorrow night, won't we?"

"Yes, we will ..." Were John's last words before falling into a deep sleep filled with dreams of Galen and