Title: Feast

Author: Iocane

E-mail: iocane@crosswinds.net

Summary: John and Galen have a "date" with Dureena.

Rating: NC-17

Series/sequel: Part nine of "Dreams of Silence"

Disclaimer: Galen, John, the Excalibur, and all related names, places, and people belong to JMS and many
other people.  The story itself is mine.

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Warnings: This story contains a particularly explicit threesome involving two men and a woman. Many ice
cubes needed. Perhaps even a snow drift or three.

Notes: First and foremost, thanks to Antoinette for her expert beta'ing, comments, suggestions, motivations,
and generally beating me over the head until I finished it. :)

Second, the following notations are used throughout the series


Single brackets [] around text indicate personal thoughts.

Double brackets [[]] around words indicate telepathy.

Any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated. This is my first planned out story of this scope, so any
suggestions you have would be wonderful.


When his shift was over, John couldn't get back to his quarters fast enough. Tonight was his and Galen's
"date" with Dureena.

Entering his quarters, John considered what to wear. He was already aroused as he pulled his uniform off, so
he needed something loose.

After a vibe shower and a change of clothes, John found himself pacing his quarters. Galen had told him that
there wasn't going to be a lot, if any, actual 'ceremony' involved in the Na'kel. Dureena might say a prayer,
but that would be it. He'd also told him that he, John, was to the the focus of that evening's activities. This
Na'kel was for and about him. Particularly about him and Dureena. Galen would be present of course, but not
always as a direct participant.

They had decided to meet in John's quarters. Galen had the larger bed, but Dureena had said she found the
technomage's ship unnerving for something like this. She also felt that John would be more comfortable in his
own quarters. They had also decided that Galen and Dureena would arrive together. Galen had said that
certain preparations had to be made.

John noticed the red candle flare up a moment before his door chimed. HIs heart leaped to his throat as he
knew his lover was there.

The door hissed open and Dureena stepped in, her hips swaying slightly. Galen was behind her and John could
see his lover's blue eyes lingering on Dureena's body. Without a word, the golden eyed thief stepped up to
John and lay her hands on her chest. Whispering something in what John guessed was her native tongue, she
slid her arms around his neck leaned up to brush her lips against his.

John glanced at Galen for a second before closing his eyes, deepening the kiss. Dureena's tongue slipped into
his mouth, sending electric shivers down his spine. He returned the kiss, pulling her tight against him. He felt
Galen's hand on his shoulder and Dureena pulled away. A second later, Galen's lips were pressed against his,
and the technomage was kissing him wildly.

Finally Galen pulled away, leaving John breathless and dizzy. He lay a hand on each of their shoulders to keep
from falling.

Dureena grinned. "I was going to ask if you really wanted to do this ..." She said, her eyes moving downward,
lingering at his obvious erection straining against his pants. Looking back up at him, she continued. "But I can
tell the answer is yes ..."

John chuckled, reaching a hand out to stroke her cheek with the back of his hand. "Thank you." He said
quietly. John could see Galen out of the corner of his eye, smiling at the tender moment.

Dureena turned to face the technomage, who was clad in his usual cloak, but has apparently left his staff on his
ship. Licking her lips, she stepped towards him. Resting her hands on Galen's chest, she leaned forward. She
turned to John, raising her eyebrow questioningly. "May I?" laughed, "Go ahead ..."

Galen chuckled and lowered his mouth to Dureena's, sliding his strong arms around her waist. John felt his
pulse race watching them kiss. He had expected to feel some jealously at seeing his lover kiss someone else.
Instead, it aroused him greatly, and a groan escaped his lips. From all appearances, Galen's reaction was

Dureena and Galen pulled apart at the sound John made and looked at him. Dureena smiled and took his
hands in hers. Galen led the way and they moved into the bedroom.

Cupping Dureena's face, John pulled her close for another kiss. Slowly he teased her lips, his tongue darting
inside and withdrawing. She moaned softly, pressing against him. Her hands fumbled at the buttons on his

Chuckling softly, John stepped backwards, reaching up to undo his shirt. The garment fell to the floor, followed
a moment later by his undershirt. He watched hungrily as Dureena shimmied out of her impossibly tight
clothes, her hands reaching for his belt. Galen stood behind John and nuzzled his neck, his hands roaming over
John's chest, teasing the nipples.

John turned his head and met Galen's lips, one hand sliding up behind him to caress Galen's neck. John felt
himself close to the edge as both Galen and Dureena teased him, caressing his skin. A thought managed to
shape itself in the haze of pleasure and he sent it to Galen, his mouth unable to form words. [[Why can't I feel

"Shhhh ..." Galen murmured. "Don't think, my love ..." He kissed John's ear, nibbling the lobe.

A moment later, John felt Dureena's hand stroking his aching shaft. He gasped and arched into her hand,
amazed that he didn't explode then and there. He looked down and met her golden eyes a moment before her
lips closed around the head of his cock. Dimly, he felt Galen's arms around him as he concentrated on
Dureena's mouth. Slowly she teased him, bringing him to the edge, but not over, then slowing, letting him cool
down, gather more control. Then she would begin again, pushing him farther each time, but never letting him
climax. Somewhere in the distance, John heard Galen say "Do have some pity on the poor boy ..." At that,
Dureena finally sent him over the edge, opening her throat to him. His orgasm was so powerful that John went
completely limp, unable to move. Only Galen's support kept him from falling over.

Galen lifted the young man easily and lay him on the center of the bed. As Dureena climbed in beside him,
laying on his left side, Galen stripped, laying on his right.

John looked at Dureena, the dazed look beginning to leave his face and eyes. "That was ..." be blinked,
unable to find a word that suited.

Dureena chuckled and leaned forward to kiss him. John could taste himself on her lips and in her mouth. Her
left hand explored his chest, pinching his nipples gently.

"I'm going to get jealous in a moment ..." Galen said, his hand covering Dureena's. His blue eyes twinkled and
his voice was light, teasing.

"We wouldn't want that ..." John said, sitting up. He brought his mouth down on Galen's in a heated kiss. His
hand moved down the technomage's chest to his shaft, only to find another hand already there. Raising his
head, he looked down and chuckled to see Dureena leaning over him, her hand wrapped firmly around Galen's
shaft. John felt his own cock returning to life as he watched Dureena skillfully manipulate his lover.

Galen arched upwards as Dureena took him into her mouth, her skillful tongue working magic. John moaned at
the look of rapture on his lover's face, the way his mouth parted, his chest rose and fell, his blue eyes dark and
wild. He watched as Dureena did to Galen what she had done so recently to John. Galen groaned and his
whole body stiffened. John knew he had come, and looked down at Dureena.

The woman sat up, grinning. Before she knew it, John had pulled her roughly to him and captured her mouth in
a passionate kiss. His tongue invaded her mouth, tasting her, tasting Galen, tasting a faint hint of himself

When Galen recovered, he turned to see John laying on his back, Dureena laying over him. John's hands were
in Dureena's hair as they kissed. Galen glanced down to see that John had more than recovered.

Rolling onto his side, he tapped Dureena's shoulder. They broke the kiss and faced Galen, smiling. Galen ran
a hand through Dureena's dark locks. "Mind if I cut in?" he said softly.

"Sure I-" Dureena's words were cut off by Galen's mouth clamping down on hers. John's chuckle turned into a
groan as Dureena squirmed, further stimulating his hypersensitive cock.

Galen pulled away from Dureena and smiled, stroking her cheek lightly.

As John watched, a smile on his lips, something occurred to him. Again, not wishing to speak, he questioned
Galen. The technomage chuckled softly in his mind, his lips being busy with Dureena's neck. He assured his
lover that Dureena was put together much the same way a human woman was, with a few minor differences he
deemed unimportant. John sent one last thought to Galen as he began to slide sideways, moving Dureena onto
the bed between himself and Galen.

Galen rolled Dureena onto her back, gently nuzzling her neck.

Dureena moaned softly, feeling John's mouth on her breast. Her nipples had long since hardened, and John's
skilled lips and tongue were making them ache. She arched up against him, whimpering with pleasure as he
very gently closed his teeth around one sensitive nub.

Galen watched John eagerly out of the corner of his eye as he moved to kiss Dureena's swollen lips. His hand
moved to stroke Dureena's breast as John moved down her stomach.

Moving slowly, John kissed his way down Dureena's body, tasting her sweat, enjoying the way she writhed.
Turning his head, he gazed down her body, noting the way her knees were bent slightly, feet planted firmly on
the bed. Her dark curls glistened invitingly and John reached down to caress them lightly. Dureena's hips
instantly rose when he pulled his hand away, begging for more. Grinning, he ran his hand slowly over her damp
curls again, feeling an incredible heat radiating from her center.

He placed his hand firmly on her mound, bending one finger, sliding it through her curls to caress the source of
her heat. He could hear her gasp and looked up her body to find both her and his lover watching them, hunger
filling their eyes.

Grinning, he slid his lips downward, pausing at the edge of the patch of curls. Sitting up suddenly, he slid off
the bed, kneeling at the foot. Reaching onto the bed, he took a firm hold of Dureena's legs. She squealed as he
pulled her towards him, draping her legs over his shoulders. Teasingly, he nuzzled her thighs, inhaling her
exotic, spicy scent. Brushing his lips on the inside of her thigh, he slid his hands along her legs, wrapping his
arms around her thighs. He glanced up to see Galen moving behind Dureena, pushing her gently to sit up. The
technomage wrapped his arms around her, kneading her breasts as he gazed down at his lover. His cock
throbbed against her back as he nuzzled her neck, biting gently at her ear and shoulder.

Dureena gave a shuddering breath when she felt John's fingers parting her folds. His hot breath teased her a
moment before his tongue caressed her slit. She dug her fingers into Galen's thighs as John's tongue explored
her. Galen had told her that John had had very little experience with women, but the way his tongue delved
into her, pushing inside her, she was hard pressed to believe it. She arched into his mouth, begging for more.
Galen held her arms to her sides when she reached for John. She gripped Galen's powerful thighs as he felt his
fingers pinching her nipples. She could feel Galen's hard cock throbbing at the base of her spine.

Between Galen's hands and John's mouth, Dureena soon convulsed in orgasm, her body writhing, her thighs
tightening around John's head. She collapsed back against Galen's hard body, her chest heaving as she
recovered. After a moment, she realized John was still tormenting her. She tried to lean down, wanting to kiss
him, but again Galen held her up, gently but firmly. Any verbal protest was cut off when he turned her head
and possessed her mouth, his tongue parting her lips with the same skill and care that John was using

John savored the taste of Dureena's pleasure, lapping eagerly. He enjoyed her taste, and wanted to see if he
could push her over the edge again. His tongue found a hard nub buried under her folds and flicked it. Her
body lurched and John could hear a muffled moan, clearly of pleasure. Licking the nub again, he moved slowly,
dragging his tongue across it. Again her body convulsed and John lapped at her sweetness, loving the flavor.
He was lapping gently at her folds when Galen sent him a thought, his mind voice light and teasing. [[John,
you're going to make the poor girl pass out if you keep that up ...]]

John chuckled, knowing his breath was hot on her over stimulated skin. [[Maybe I want her to.]] He thought
back, even has he moved slowly upwards, kissing her breasts as Galen slid backwards, letting her lie back.

[[Naughty boy.]] Galen teased, moving to the side, watching his partners.

Grabbing John's head, she pulled him up her body, wrapping her legs around his waist. For a moment, she
looked almost disbelievingly into his face, noticing his flushed cheeks, his lust filled eyes and his glistening
lips. She brought his mouth close to hers and her tongue darted out to lick her juices off his lips. John clamped
his lips down on hers, kissing her mouth with the same eager tenderness he'd used a moment ago to send her
body into convulsions.

John finally broke the kiss, leaving both of them panting. Sitting up, he extracted himself from Dureena's legs
and reached for Galen, pulling his lover into a fiery kiss. As their tongues met and caressed, Galen tasting
both John's own flavor, and Dureena's juices. John reached down, caressing Galen's rigid shaft, his own also
impossibly hard. Galen sent a thought to John and John nodded mentally.

As she watched the men kiss, Dureena slid fully back onto the bed, feeling her whole body tingle with
pleasure. After a moment, the kiss ended and John turned to her, an almost predatory gleam in his eye.
Crawling towards her, he knelt over her, his hands on either side of her shoulders, his knees at her hips.
Bending his arms, he lowered his mouth to hers in a teasing kiss. He also moved his hips, his heated cock
brushing against her center. She moaned into his mouth and arched upwards, wanting to feel him inside her.

Obeying her silent, primitive demand, John guided himself slowly to her entrance, pushing the head just inside.
As her heat and moisture swallowed the tip of his cock, he drew a shuddering breath. "Dureena," he panted
into her ear, his body shaking over her. "I don't think I can be gentle right now." His voice was full of desire,
lust, passion, and a barely restrained desperation.

"Then don't ..." She whispered back, her hips arching upwards again, threatening to drive him over the edge.

"Thank you." He breathed and thrust savagely into her. Pulling out, he slammed into her again, setting a hard,
fast rhythm.

Dureena moaned loudly, her heart racing, her blood singing. She tried to wrap her legs around John, but felt
Galen catch her ankles. It was then that she noticed the technomage was behind John, inside him as John was
inside her. The thought alone sent her over the edge, her body convulsing once again. John buried his face in
her neck and continued to pound into her, his cock still hard. She could see a look of rapture on Galen's face
as he drove into his lover, in turn pushing him deeper into her.

John felt Dureena's already tight walls closing around him and nearly lost control. He managed to keep it and
continued ramming into her, pushed by Galen's powerful thrusts into him. After several moments, the double
stimulation proved too much and he came, exploding inside Dureena. A second later, he could feel Galen
following him over the edge.

Since he was on top, Galen moved first, sliding gently out of his lover and laying on the bed, feeling more
drained than he had in some time. A moment later, he felt John next to him. Rolling onto his side, Galen
watched John's face as the young man began to recover. He saw Dureena smiling tenderly at him, stretched
on on John's other side. John's eyes were glazed slightly, his mouth open and his chest heaving. The bed was
just large enough for the three of them to lay without danger of anyone falling off.

"Thank you for this." Galen said softly, reaching a hand across John to caress Dureena's cheek lightly.

"You're welcome."

John's jaw moved up and down, as though he were trying to speak, but was incapable of forming words. He
looked gratefully at both of them. His eyes held thanks for Dureena, and love for Galen. Dureena kissed his
cheek lightly, resting her head on his shoulder. Galen kissed his lips lightly and settled beside him, his head
propped up. His other hand reached out and caressed his cheek gently, his thumb brushing the tiny black
speck that was his mark on John. The young man was drained physically and on the edge of sleep. With a very
gentle nudge, Galen put him to sleep, noticing that Dureena was already asleep as well. He watched the two of
them for several minutes before rising. He picked up a heavy blanket and pulled it over them. A second later,
he climbed under it, snuggling closer to John and joining the other two in slumber.