Title: Coffee

Author: Iocane


Summary: John and Dureena discuss the events of the previous evening, and Dureena's hopes for the

Rating: PG

Series/sequel: Part ten of "Dreams of Silence"

Disclaimer: Galen, John, the Excalibur, and all related names, places, and people belong to JMS and many
other people.  The story itself is mine.

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Warnings: Nothing, really. Except slash, but at this point you really should know about that. ;)

Notes: First and foremost, thanks to Antoinette for her expert beta'ing, comments, suggestions, motivations,
and generally beating me over the head until I finished it. :)

Second, the following notations are used throughout the series


Single brackets [] around text indicate personal thoughts.

Double brackets [[]] around words indicate telepathy.

Any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated. This is my first planned out story of this scope, so any
suggestions you have would be wonderful.


Dureena came awake slowly, hearing a soft sound to her right. Rolling over, she saw John Matheson gently
kissing Galen. Smiling softly at the pair of lovers, she watched quietly, not wanting to break the intimate
moment. A part of her felt she was watching something private, but as she moved to leave the bed, the two
men broke apart. Dureena opened her mouth to speak when John reached out, hushing her with a finger on
her lips. Crooking his finger, he beckoned her. She leaned down and felt his hands in her hair, cupping the
back of her head. John pulled her lips to his and kissed her slowly, making her squirm. John pulled away, and a
moment later she felt Galen's lips on hers, his mouth sending shivers down her spine.

Finally they released her and she lay back on the bed, panting slightly. She felt John move closer. "Good
morning." He whispered in her ear.

"Morning ..." She smiled at him, reaching up to run a hand through his black hair. She noticed Galen standing,
pulling his leather pants on. She knew about Galen's implants, but it still amazed her to see the apparently
painless combination of metal and skin that comprised his back. John didn't seem to take much notice of them.
[He's probably used to them by now.] She realized.

John rolled onto his back, turning his head towards his lover. Dureena saw their eyes meet and they were
silent for a moment. Galen bent and kissed John tenderly. Dureena noticed Galen's thumb resting on the
delicate curve of the young man's cheekbone. "I'll be back soon, I promise." he whispered. Looking up, he
smiled at Dureena. Leaning forward, he kissed her cheek lightly, thanking her again.

Galen picked up his cloak and walked into John's living room.

"He's leaving?" She asked, taking note of the sad look on John's face.

He nodded, his eyes fixed on the a candle, the flame of which was low and dim.

Unsure what to say, Dureena sat up, sliding to the foot of the bed. Bending, she picked up her clothes. She
turned to John. "After last night, I could use some food. Care to join me for breakfast?"

"Sure ..." John left the bed and began cleaning up, tossing his clothes from the night before into a hamper.

Half an hour later, they found a table in the corner of the almost empty canteen. Setting her tray down,
Dureena folded herself into one of the comfortable chairs. Putting one foot on the chair, she sipped her tea,
glancing over the rim at John, who was digging into a plate of scrambled eggs. As she sipped her drink, her
mind wandered. [He's so happy with Galen.] She thought, remembering last night. [I've never seen Galen so at
peace with himself. Or John for that matter.] Setting her mug down, she picked up a piece of toast. [I wonder if
I'll ever be that happy.] Dureena sighed and pushed the thought away. [Some will, some won't. That's all.]

"Credit for your thoughts." John asked softly, noticing a distant look on Dureena's face.

"Nothing, I was just thinking of how complete you and Galen are. Last night was very special, I think for you
two, as well as for me."

John nodded, his body remembering. "I ... I can't describe what I felt last night ..." He spoke quietly, not
wanting anyone to over hear. "I wish Galen didn't have to be away today, I want to talk with him about it."

"When will he be back?" Dureena buttered another piece of toast.

"In a few days." John's eyes glittered a moment as he imagined Galen's return.

Dureena saw his eyes light and felt a pang of sadness in her own heart. [They love each other so much.] "I
envy you two.  Even if Galen's gone more than you'd like."

John nodded, knowing what she meant. After a long silence, he spoke. "So, Dureena, is there anyone on your
horizon?" He asked gently. "Someone out there that makes ..." He stopped when he saw her eyes fixed on a
point across the room. Even to a non-telepath, the look of longing on her face was clear.  Turning, he saw Max
Eilerson, sitting in front of his computer, taking a bite of a sandwich, seemingly oblivious to the attention. John
looked back at Dureena and saw that she was blushing ever so slightly. "Looks like there is."

Dureena jumped slightly, blinking, and looked at John. She opened her mouth to deny it, but realized that she
couldn't lie to someone she'd slept with, even if he hadn't been a telepath. "Some days I just want to wipe that
arrogant smirk right off his face." She said, leaning closely to make sure Max couldn't overhear, even though
he was on the other side of the room. "And some days ..." She sighed and John could see a flash of lust in her
eyes. " ... I want to kiss it off."

"So ... Why don't you do something about it?" John chided gently.

She gave a dry chuckle. "No, I'd rather save myself the embarrassment when he turns me down."

"Dureena ..." John covered her hand with his. "He'd be a fool to say no to you." He smiled knowingly.
"Besides, I seriously doubt he *would* say no to you."

"John!" She whispered. "Have you-"

"No. But it's plain he likes you." He patted her hand and sat back, reaching for his coffee.

"Maybe I will ..." Dureena licked a dab of butter off her thumb and glanced across the room where Eilerson
sat. She raised an eyebrow as Max's normally steady hand seemed to twitch, not quite spilling his drink.

"Well?" John said after a moment.

"Well what?" Dureena feared what was coming next.

"Well when are you gonna do something about it?"

"No. No, no, no ..." Dureena could see John's mind working and she wasn't sure she liked what it was working

"Come on Dureena ... " He coaxed. "Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we may die." John quoted.

Dureena muttered something in her native language, trying to glare at John. [Honestly though, I *want* to do
something.] She sighed. [Dammit. Why does just the thought of talking to him make me nervous?] "What will
you do if I don't?" She challenged, trying to hide the fact that her heart was racing.  As she spoke, she noticed
Max watching her out of the corner of his eye. [Could he-?]

"What am I going to do? Nothing ..." He grinned slyly and leaned forward. "But I can get Gideon to assign
you to something together ..."

"John, you wouldn't dare!" She hissed.

The young lieutenant chuckled, risking a glance at the xenoarcheologist, who was concentrating very hard on
the screen in front of him. "You're right." He admitted. "But why are you so nervous Dureena?"

"Well ..." She sat back in the chair, her face turning serious and introspective. "I'm no good at relationships."

"Could have fooled me last night." John whispered.

Dureena blushed furiously. She looked around the canteen, noticing that she, John, and Eilerson were the only
ones present. "That was instinct." She parried. For a moment, she wondered if Max would appreciate her
instincts the way John and Galen had.

"If you say so." John didn't want to press the issue. His eyes lit up and he leaned closer, gesturing for
Dureena to do the same. Cupping his hand, he whispered into her ear.

"You're insane!" She shot back, keeping her voice low. Again she blushed deeply, secretly intrigued by John's

"Am I?" He grinned. "You don't think he'd like that?" His voice was low as well, making sure Eilerson
couldn't over hear too much of their conversation. "I know I would, if I were him." Dureena caught a twinkle
in his eye and made her blush even deeper.

"Well, you're not him." She glanced at Max, wondering how much of their conversation he'd heard.

"You're right. I'm me, and I have Galen. But Max doesn't have anyone." He leaned forward, his voice full of
concern. "And neither do you. Go for it, Dureena. I don't think there's a man on this ship who could resist you
if you really went after them."

"I don't know ... What if he doesn't do anything?"

"I told you Dureena, the man would be crazy not to follow *that* lead ..."

Despite her misgivings, Dureena felt a smug smile creeping up on her. "All right ... Maybe." She took a deep
breath and shot Max a heated look.

A moment later, the sandy haired archeologist closed his computer. Tucking it under one arm, he gathered his
papers in his other and left the canteen. He didn't give the pair in the corner so much as a glance.

John gave Dureena a 'What are you waiting for?' look and the small woman stood. Taking a deep breath, she
followed Max, hearing John chuckle as she left.

She saw Max just as he stepped onto the elevator. Calling to him to hold it, she jogged towards him, fully
aware of the effect it had on her upper body.

As the doors hissed closed, Dureena panted lightly and she could feel Max's eyes on her cleavage, though his
face was towards the door. Grinning to herself, she stepped in front of him. Before he could say anything,
Dureena stood on her tip toes and lay her hands on his shoulders.

He blinked and found her lips pressing against his. Max gasped in surprise, wishing his arms weren't so full.
Dureena took advantage of his lips parting and slipped her tongue into his mouth. Her hands slid into his hair
and she pressed herself against him. She shivered when he returned the kiss, his tongue playing with hers.

Dureena felt the elevator slow and stood back, her hands drifting down Max's chest as she stepped away. She
glanced down his body, pleased with what she saw. The doors slid open and Dureena stepped off, smiling at
him, knowing that lust was burning in her eyes.

As the door hissed closed, Max slumped against the wall, breathless. The last look Dureena had given him
had sent his mind reeling more than her kiss had. The elevator arrived at his stop and he exited, his lips still
tingling from her kiss.