Title: Soiree

Author: Iocane


Summary: Max accepts the invitation extended by Dureena at the end of "Coffee."

Rating: NC-17

Series/sequel: Part eleven of "Dreams of Silence"

Disclaimer: Galen, John, the Excalibur, and all related names, places, and people belong to JMS and many
other people.  The story itself is mine.

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Warnings: This story contains explicit M/F sex.

Notes: First and foremost, thanks to Antoinette for her expert beta'ing, comments,  suggestions, motivations,
and generally beating me over the head until I finished it. :)

Second, the following notations are used throughout the series


Single brackets [] around text indicate personal thoughts.

Double brackets [[]] around words indicate telepathy.

Any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated. This is my first planned out story of this scope, so any
suggestions you have would be wonderful.


Dureena paced her quarters, thinking about what she had just done. [Did I really do that? Did I just kiss Max
Eilerson in the elevator?] Sighing, she called John. "I did it." She said, standing in front of the view screen,
hands on her hips.

John was stretched out on his couch, a book in his lap. "Good! And ...?"

"And ... He's not here!" She resumed pacing.

"Computer," John sat up and closed the book, his thumb keeping place. "Locate Max Eilerson."

"Max Eilerson is on deck four."

John raised an eyebrow, his lips forming into a tiny smirk. "I know where Max's quarters are, Dureena. And
they're not on deck four. Yours are."

"Yeah, but that doesn't mean-" Dureena was interrupted by her door chiming. Her face was frozen for a
moment before she recovered. "Bye John!" She cut the link, activating the "Do Not Disturb" communications
lock at the same time.

Running a nervous hand through her hair, she jumped when the door chimed again. "Come." She swallowed

Her heart leapt into her throat as Max Eilerson stepped into the room. They looked at each other for a long
moment, each waiting for the other to make the first move. Finally Dureena spoke. "Hi ..." Her eyes drifted
over his body. He hadn't changed his clothes, still wearing gray slacks, and a blue shirt that set off his eyes.
Glancing at his gold-grey hair, she could tell he'd combed it right before coming. Inhaling deeply, she caught a
whiff of his after shave.

Max swallowed hard, his eyes fixed on Dureena's chest as she breathed. He normally wasn't such a lecher,
but she looked so soft and inviting, the cleavage deep and warm. The skin tight leather shirt she wore
emphasized her breasts, pushing then upwards and together, though Max doubted she needed the
enhancement. The kiss she'd given him earlier had made shambles of most of his self control. Max's mind
began to wander, wondering about all of Dureena's deep, warm parts. He moaned softly, trying to get his mind
to function on the formation of words. "Hello." he finally said. He willed himself to move and took a step
forward, forcing his eyes onto her face. The look she was giving him made him gasp.

Dureena felt her heart race, her pulse thudding in her ears. Her whole body seemed to throb, aching, burning
for his touch. She took a step towards him, seeming to halve the distance. Another step and their bodies were
inches apart. She lifted her face, meeting his intense blue eyed gaze. Her breath was ragged as he bent slowly.
Not kissing her, Max seemed to nuzzle her face, his fingertips grazing the skin of her neck and face. Dureena
raised her hands, resting them lightly on his chest. She could feel his heart thudding wildly under her palms.
Feeling his heartbeat so vividly beneath her hands finally convinced her that she wasn't dreaming.

Max's fingers trailed along her jaw, gently tilting her chin. Dureena felt him slide a hand up her neck, cupping
the back of her head. She moaned softly as his lips brushed hers, teasing. Her hands moved up his chest and
tangled in his hair, savoring the silken feel. His vivid blue eyes searched her face for a moment before he
kissed her softly. His tongue traced the seam of her lips, delving inside when they parted.

Dureena shivered as his skillful tongue explored her mouth. She ran her tongue over his, pressing her body
against him. His arms wrapped around her, pulling her tight and almost lifting her off the floor.

The kiss that had begun gentle soon turned wild as each tried to dominate the other. Finally Dureena pulled
away, panting. Gripping the front of his shirt, she pulled him back towards her bedroom. She grunted softly
when she backed into the wall, missing the bedroom door by a few feet. Before she could correct the error,
Max's body was pressing her against the wall, his mouth devouring hers. His hands cupped her breasts,
kneading them through the tight leather. Dureena's hands fumbled at the buttons of his shirt, unable to undo
them. Tearing her lips from his, she gripped his shirt and pulled. Buttons flew across the room as Max's shirt
fell open under Dureena's exploring hands.

The archeologist growled against her neck and Dureena shivered. "So that's how you want it?" He panted into
her ear, his hands running up her thighs. Stepping back slightly, he cupped her ass, his hands kneading the
flesh. Pulling her up against him, he ground their hips together. Her legs wrapped around his waist as he
pushed her roughly against the wall, his mouth capturing hers in a brutal kiss.

Even through several layers of clothes, Dureena could feel his hard cock throbbing. His hands were on her
breasts, pinching her nipples through the leather. Reaching to her sides, she expertly undid the fasteners,
letting the garment come undone under his hands. Max groaned and shifted her upwards, putting her breasts
on a level with his face. Dureena gripped his shoulders desperately, her legs wrapped around him, pressing
herself against his chest. She moaned as Max feasted on her breasts, one arm under her thighs, holding her
up. She suddenly had new admiration for the archeologist and his "book job." All thoughts of a rational nature
fled from her mind as she felt Max's teeth scrape one of her nipples, sending shivers of electricity through her

Dureena whimpered and said something in her native language, her mind barely functioning. She felt herself
slide down the wall, her crotch again pressing against Max's. This time she realized his cock was naked
against her pants. Reaching down, she frantically undid her pants, pulling them open far enough to allow Max
entry. She felt his hand slide between her legs, delving into her wet center. They slipped in easily, soaking his
fingers with her moisture. He growled something into her ear and she dimly realized he was speaking in the
language of her people. His hands slid backwards, gripping her ass. A moment later, all thought was banished
as he sank his shaft into her, pushing her hard against the wall.

After entering her, Max was still for a moment, his face buried in her neck. Dureena groaned and pushed her
hips against him, raking her nails lightly across his back. Max gasped and bit her neck, not breaking the skin,
but it would no doubt leave a mark. Dureena let out a small cry, amazed that his bite sent shivers of pleasure
to her center. Sliding out, he shoved into her hard, making her gasp. Dureena keened and wrapped her arms
around him as he rammed into her, her legs tight around his waist, pulling him deeper into her. She murmured
incoherently in her native tongue, her mind exploding with pleasure.

Max heard Dureena screaming his name in the distance as he pounded into her wet haven. Her walls fell
around him, pushing him over the edge and he thrust into her one last time, exploding deep inside her. For a
moment he was still, buried in her warmth, his face pressing against her neck.

He felt her hands in her hair and lifted his head. She was as flushed and breathless as he was. Looking at her
neck, he saw his teeth marks and felt his blood chill. Raising a hand, he gently caressed the red crescent. "I'm
sorry ..." he murmured.

"Shhh ..." She cupped his face, her thumbs stroking his cheeks. Dureena planted a gentle kiss on his mouth.
"It's okay ..." She kissed him again, sliding her tongue into his mouth.

This time, the kiss was slow, holding none of the desperation of the previous encounter. "I ... I don't usually
lose control like that ..." Max's voice was full of regret.

Dureena stroked his face gently. "It's okay, Max. I like it it rough sometimes ..." Trailing kisses along his
jaw, she whispered something lewd in her native language.

Max shivered at the boldness of her words. And the frankness of the confession. "Maybe we should move to
the bed ..." He brushed a lock of damp hair away from her forehead. "My legs are ready to buckle." He
smiled, chuckling softly.

Dureena chuckled quietly, unlocking her legs from around his waist. They pulled apart, quickly stripping the
rest of their clothes. Dureena picked up Max's shirt, feeling the edges where buttons used to be "Sorry about
this ... I'll fix it ... If we can find the buttons ... " She laughed briefly, knowing the tiny buttons were probably
lost forever.

Max took the torn garment from her, his other hand caressing her cheek. "Let me keep it like it is, as a
memento ..." He smiled and kissed her lightly. Dropping the shirt to the floor, he surprised her by bending and
lifting her into his arms. He carried her to the bed and managed to pull back the covers before laying her
gently down on the red satin sheets.

Max sighed appreciatively as the sheets caressed his skin, and a part of his mind wondered what other hidden
sensualities Dureena possessed. Dureena lay on her back and Max was stretched beside her, his head
propped up in his hand. He gazed tenderly at her face, knowing that he couldn't pretend with Dureena any
more. She had gotten through his barriers a long time ago, it just took him until today to realize it. His free
hand lightly caressed her cheek, his eyes searching hers.

Dureena studied Max's blue eyes, realizing that for the first time, she was seeing past the facade he usually
wore. She had been too occupied earlier to see it. Reaching up, she ran her fingers along his jaw, moving back
to lace in his hair. Tugging gently, she pulled his lips to hers. Max wrapped his arms around her and pulled her
close as he kissed her.

The kiss was slow, tender, as soft as their recent coupling was hard. Max moved his lips along her jaw, back to
whisper in her ear. "Do you know how long I've wanted you?"

Dureena shivered slightly at his use of her native language. She responded in kind, eager for the chance.
"How long?"

He nuzzled her neck gently, kissing his fading teeth marks. "Since Mars ... The dance ..." He brushed his lips
against hers again. "You already told me your answer ..." he whispered huskily, referring to the whispered

Dureena blushed as he repeated it, clearly enjoying the way it made her squirm. "Max?" She asked, her voice
barely above a whisper.

"Yes?" Blue eyes met gold and he smiled warmly at her, all his barriers down.

Dureena choked on the words, but managed to speak them clearly. "Make love to me."

Max searched her eyes for long a moment before answering. She'd said those words to him a thousand times
in his dreams, he almost didn't  believe he was hearing them now. The look in her eyes made his body surge to
life, letting him know that he was very much awake and eager. "Gladly ..." He said, giving her a long, tender
kiss before his mouth began sliding down, his hand slipping between her legs. He grinned as she arched into
his hand, her gold eyes darkening with passion, and something else Max didn't expect to see. Again, he found
himself wondering if this were all just a dream.

He captured a nipple in his mouth and suckled gently, his tongue flicking rapidly across the hard nub. Dureena
writhed beneath him, urging him on with whispers and gasps.

Moving farther downward, he settled between her legs, wrapping his arms around her thighs. Looking up her
body, he saw her chest rising and falling, her eyes blazing.

Slowly, his fingers spread her outer folds, revealing her inner moisture. She was shaped slightly differently
than a human female, but Max felt he could improvise. Experimentally, he darted his tongue over her folds,
glancing upwards to see her reaction. He could hear her moan and he saw her arch upwards. Grinning, he
licked her again, slowly, his tongue running the length of her slit. She writhed under his mouth and Max
pushed forward, his tongue exploring her spicy folds, enjoying her tangy flavor. Several moments later she
moaned his name loudly and there was a small eruption of juices, surprising him. Max grinned, realizing that
Dureena must be more sensitive in this area than human women. Pushing his tongue inside her, he tasted a
vague hint of his own juices from their earlier encounter against the wall. The memory aroused him, setting his
already hard cock throbbing to the point of aching. Breathing deeply, he gathered his control, determined to
torment Dureena with his mouth a while longer. Moving slowly, he again explored her wet folds, lapping her
moisture eagerly. Her legs clamped around his head as she came again, rewarding him with more of her
essence. After this he took his time, teasing her, coaxing her towards the edge until a single flick of his tongue
sent her into orgasm. The fourth time was almost too much and Max dimly heard her begging him to take her.

More than happy to oblige, he moved up her body, settling over her, supporting his weight on his elbows as he
bent to kiss her.

Dureena moaned as she tasted herself on his mouth, her tongue eagerly seeking more. He broke the kiss and
gazed into her eyes, his hand caressing her cheek.

Max heard her gasp as he slid into her. This time, he was slow, gentle, moving with all the tenderness their
first time had lacked. When he was fully inside her, he rested his hips against hers for a moment, savoring the
feel of her warm haven surrounding him.

He kissed her lightly, again meeting her eyes. He began a gentle rhythm, whispering words in a dozen
languages as she rocked beneath him. She responded to him perfectly, their rhythms exactly in synch, their
passions cresting together. Max cried out her name as she shuddered around her, pulling him over the edge
with her.

They lay together for several moments, slowly recovering. Finally Max slid out of her, rolling onto his side.
Wrapping a strong arm around her, he pulled her against him, cupping a breast and resting his chin on her
neck. She snuggled back against him, sighing contentedly.

Just as Dureena fell asleep, she swore she heard Max whisper something in her language. Before she could
think about it, she was asleep.