Title: Some Things Never Change.
Author: Iocane
E-mail: iocane@crosswinds.net
Summary: An old friend of Galen's visits the ship. Pure fluff.
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Galen belongs to PW and JMS and TNT and lots of other letters. Technomage Selena belongs
to no one except maybe herself, she is her own unique and cool person.

Some Things Never Change

Galen strode through the docking bay towards his ship. Several feet short of the black vessel he stopped dead
in his tracks.  Something told him that there was someone close by.

Another technomage.

"Show yourself." He commanded, unused to being at the disadvantage.

"Three years, Galen, and all you can say is 'show yourself'?"

That voice. He hadn't heard it for years, three, as she had said. "How did you find me, Selena?"

"Or more to the point, why?" They said in unison as the blonde woman stepped from the shadows.

"Some things never change." Galen smiled. Seeing Selena in the light, Galen looked over her body
appreciatively. She certainly hadn't changed much, her blonde hair was still long, and the drab technomage
cloak their kind wore did little to hide her womanly figure. "Care to come in?" He gestured towards his ship,
where a door formed in the side.

"Love to." She stepped onto the ship, her body carrying an unmistakably seductive sway.

"Drink?" Galen asked, brightening the lights and closing the door with a gesture.

"No, thank you." Selena turned to face him, standing inches away. Leaning her staff against the wall, she
slid her hands up Galen's chest. "That's enough small talk, don't you think?"

"Indeed." Galen set his own staff aside and wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her close. Their lips
met in a slow kiss as he tightened his arms around her.

Selena moaned softly, pressing herself against him, her mouth hungry on his. She gasped when his large hands
cupped her ass, grinding their hips together. Still kissing him, her skillful hands worked at his cloak, opening it
and reaching inside.

Galen released the woman long enough for them both to remove their cloaks. Selena reached for the buttons
of Galen's shirt, but found her arms trapped between their bodies as he pulled her close again, his mouth
devouring hers. She worked her arms free, wrapping them around Galen, feeling his cock pressing against her
stomach, even through their clothes.

He lowered her to the floor, which softened to meet them. Selena tried to unbutton her shirt, but Galen batted
her hands away.  With a savage tug, he rent the fabric, tearing her garment open. The blonde woman growled
with passion as he moved to feast on her neck, his hands caressing her breasts.

She reached for him, wanting him naked; over her, inside her. Instead, he held her wrists easily in one hand,
his mouth moving up the side of one breast. She arched helplessly into his mouth as he suckled her aching
nipple. Galen bit gently on the bud, loving the way she writhed and moaned. Releasing her hands, he reached
for her crimson skirt. Taking the waistband in his hands, he tore it easily, exposing Selena's bare center.
"Some things really don't change ..." He purred, pressing his palm between her naked thighs.

"Oh gods ..." Selena moaned as Galen's lips burned down her stomach. His fingers opened her moist lips,
exposing her center to his exploring tongue. His mouth covered her core, his tongue moving over the folds as
though searching for hidden treasure. His powerful hands kept her firmly against the floor as he teased her

Pulling back, Galen danced his tongue over her folds, enjoying the sound of her pleas. Finally taking mercy on
the trembling woman, he pressed his mouth against her once again. With a grin, he sent a small shock of
energy against her core, sending her into a shattering orgasm, her body arching, her breath frozen in a silent
scream of ecstasy.

Sitting up, he watched her begin to recover as he stripped. His cock was thick and hard, pulsing with need.
Selena's eyes were still glazed slightly from her recent orgasm when Galen moved over her. Her arms snaked
around his neck, pulling his naked body down to hers for a heated kiss. Their tongues met and fought as Galen
slid into her in a single powerful thrust. His hands on her hips, he pushed into her, feeling her rock beneath

Pausing for a second, Galen wrapped his arms around Selena and rolled over, setting her on top. He gripped
her hips firmly and arched up into her. Her hands explored his chest, her fingertips pinching his nipples as she
rode him. She felt another orgasm building and sped up, knowing Galen was close as well. With a wordless
scream he climaxed, emptying himself into her convulsing tunnel. She writhed above him, waves of pleasure
sending tremors through her lithe body.

Panting, Selena rolled off Galen and snuggled against his side, resting her head on his shoulder. He wrapped
an arm around her, stroking her hair idly. "Why did you stay away so long this time?" He asked quietly.

"I don't know ... I had actually gone to look for you about a year ago, but-"

"But they had kicked me out and wouldn't tell you where I might have gone."

"Yes ... How did you know?"

Galen shifted, rolling to face Selena. "As I said, Selena, some things never change." With a smile, he brushed
a strand of hair from her face, leaning forward to kiss her gently.

Not needing words, they shifted so Selena was again on her back, Galen over her. He moved slowly this time,
his desperation sated. He trailed kisses gently down her jaw to her ear, nibbling the lobe gently. Selena gasped
when he moved his hand between her legs, sliding a finger deep into her. His blue eyes met her green ones as
he added a finger, thrusting them both in and out of her as his thumb played with her clit.

Selena moaned as his attentions, her hips thrusting against his hand. He worked a third finger in, stretching
her walls. Grinning, Galen pulled his fingers slowly from her, leaving his thumb lightly teasing her clit. Her
green eyes widened as she realized his intent. His thumb left her skin, and a second later he sent a spark from
his thumb straight to her clit, sending Selena into another inhumanly intense orgasm.

Kissing her as she recovered, slid a hand down her thigh, raising her leg as he settled between her thighs, his
cock nestling between her moist lips. Her leg curled around his waist and Selena grinned. "You never did fuck
fair, Galen."

"You've never complained before ..." He moved back, sliding into her again, his hard cock filling her
completely. He thrust into her, gently, slowly, savoring the feel of her warm flesh welcoming him.

"And ... I'm not complaining ... now ..." She panted between thrusts. Licking her lips, she quickly locked her
legs around Galen's waist, trapping him against her. His blue eyes were wild in the instant between when he
realized her intent, and when it happened.  She clamped her walls down around his thick cock, at the same time
sending tiny shocks up the rigid flesh. Galen screamed as an orgasm was torn from him, his cock spasming out
of control as pleasure washed through him.

He collapsed over her, his head resting between her breasts, his chest heaving. "Bitch." he whispered, not a
trace of malice in his voice. He felt her chuckle, her fingers tracing patterns on his skull. "If you're trying to
cast the Alkar spell on me again ..." He warned teasingly.

"Now why on earth would I need to cast the Alkar spell on you, Galen? Getting old? Do you NEED the
Alkar spell?" Her voice was light, teasing, just daring him to respond.

"Careful woman!" Galen growled, siting up. Selena's bright green eyes were challenging as she licked her

"Or what?" She said, moving subtly backwards, enjoying the way Galen was on hands and knees, stalking
her. "You'll turn me into a pink hamster again?"

Instead of responding verbally, Galen reached for her, moving almost faster than she could see. Almost
without realizing it, Selena found herself on her hands and knees, Galen's rigid shaft pressing hard against her
asscheeks as he leaned forward his chest pressing against her back, stimulating her implants. "Or I'll show
you exactly why I *don't* need the Alkar spell ..." Holding himself up with one hand, he gripped her breast,
kneading it, rolling the nipple between his fingers.

"Oh sure ..." Selena said daringly. "I'll bet you did an Alkar spell before I got here, how else could you keep
up with me this long?" She would have said more, but she felt Galen's hand tighten almost painfully on her
breast sending tiny shivers straight to her core. She whimpered as he felt Galen's finger probing her tight ass.
"Oh god yes .." She whispered softly, feeling the head of his cock pressing against her asshole.

Slowly, teasing Selena as much as possible, Galen pushed into her, his free hand wrapping around her leg to
stimulate her dripping folds. He finally entered her completely, his hips resting against her round ass, his cock
pulsing inside her. He slid two fingers into her center, feeling his own cock inside her. His thumb rested
against her clit.

"Don't you fucking dare, Galen." Selena warned, tightening her ass around him.

Galen laughed, causing them both to tremble. "All right, I'll play fair this time." He consented, beginning to
thrust into her, slowly at first. She pushed back against him, begging him silently to speed it up. Keeping one
hand working between her legs, fingers deep inside her, Galen rested the other at the small of her back,
holding her steady. With a slow intensity, he began to thrust faster, building up speed. Finally he was slamming
into her, his balls slapping against her skin. Three fingers thrust into her tight channel, his thumb working her
clit, building up her orgasm. Finally he felt the tension in her body spring like a trap and she screamed,
convulsing as yet another orgasm exploded within her.

Selena fell forward, Galen's still throbbing cock sliding from her ass. Moving quickly, sat up and pushed Galen
onto his back. She took his cock in her hands, stroking him slowly. Moving between his legs, she licked a trail
from his balls to the head of his cock, wrapping her mouth around the tip. Slowly teasing him, she took him into
her mouth, her tongue exploring every vein and crevice.  She felt his hands in her hair, gently massaging her
skull as she sucked and licked Galen's cock. Finally she heard him scream as he came, filling her mouth with a
hot flood.

Licking her lips, Selena stood, arching her back as she stretched. Glancing down, she noticed that Galen's
recently drained cock as hardening again, and quickly. His blue eyes danced as he stood up, towering over
her. He took a step forward, forcing her to take a step backwards or topple over. A moment later, he had her
back pressed against the wall, his mouth hot on hers.

Selena groaned as his rough hands stroked her thighs, moving around to grip her ass, pulling her feet off the
floor as he ground their hips together. She wrapped her legs around his waist, wanting to feel him inside her
again. He was glad to oblige, his teeth nipping at the tender skin of her neck. She keened wordlessly as he
pounded into her, pushing her against the wall with each thrust.

She felt herself getting closer to another orgasm and met Galen's blue eyes. They locked for a moment, before
both bodies shook with release. Galen sank to the floor, bringing Selena with him. She snuggled into his lap,
her head resting on his chest as he wrapped his arms around her. "How long are you staying this time?" Galen
asked quietly, deciding to take a short break from their sexual frenzy.

"I don't know." She lazily traced circles on his chest. "I don't really have anywhere to go."

"You could stay here." Galen suggested softly.

"I could. You could also shut up." She smiled and straightened, capturing his mouth with hers and kissing
him deeply. Her lips still on his, she shifted to straddle his hips, pressing his cock between their bodies. He
moaned into her mouth as she sent tiny shocks into his body, stimulating him from the inside out.

Selena's eyes gleamed wickedly as she played Galen's body like an instrument. She pulled him to the edge of
orgasm without moving, her eyes locked with his. Her fingers dug into his shoulders as she manipulated his
energy fields. With an almost sadistic skill she controlled his sexual arousal and release. Galen found himself
hovering at the edge of orgasm for an eternity, unable to reach climax. He knew it was Selena who prevented
him, and he knew what she wanted. In a soft cry of desperation, he begged. "Please, Selena ..."

Selena watched Galen's blue eyes darken as she raised her hips, taking him into her. She drew out his waiting
a moment longer, savoring the way his body quivered uncontrollably. His eyes went wild and almost dangerous
as she sent him over the edge, his body shuddering in orgasm.

Galen was still for several moments, recovering. Finally he spoke, his breath was ragged, his voice almost
tired. "And you said I don't fuck fair. What the hell was that for, Selena?"

"Why do I do anything, Galen?" She asked sweetly, running her hands over his scalp. Leaning down, she
kissed his ear, whispering "Because I can."

"Indeed." Galen knew that she'd won this round, and was willing to concede defeat for the moment. "Shall
we have a drink, now?"

"Mmmmm ..." Selena wiggled, as though considering letting him up. "I suppose ... Food too?"

"I'm sure I can scrounge something up." His blue eyes twinkled as he stood easily, setting Selena on the
floor. Galen bent to retrieve his clothes, watching as Selena picked up the tattered remnants of her skirt and
blouse. "Just a minute ..." He said, taking the rags from her. Walking across the room, he opened a drawer
and pulled out a dark blue shirt and skirt of the same cut as her ruined ones. "Here. They're just your size."

Selena smiled as he handed her the new clothes. "Thank you, Galen."

As they had been speaking, a table and chair had arisen from the center of the floor. The pair quickly dressed,
Galen in his usual black clothes, Selena into her new dark blue ones. On the table were several covered
platters, and a bottle of technomage white wine. Also placed around the edge of the table were several tall
white candles. Galen sat in the one chair, crooking his finger at Selena.

"There's only one chair." She pointed out, standing beside him, having a good idea what he intended.

"We only need one." He reached for her, pulling her across his lap, supporting her back with his left arm
around her waist. She wrapped her right arm around his neck. He held her for a moment, savoring her
presence. She always had a strange effect on him, making him insatiably passionate one minute, incurably
romantic the next. Her warm hand rested on his cheek, tilting his face upwards.

Selena kissed him gently, squirming in his lap. Pulling away, she spoke softly. "No more games tonight Galen.
Just you and me."

"All right, no more games." He reached for the top button of her blouse. "I've already ruined one of your
shirts today ..." He said, caressing her breast as he pushed the fabric aside.

Selena chuckled as Galen bent his head, taking her left nipple into his mouth and suckling it for a moment.
"Drink?" Galen reached for the bottle of wine and poured himself a glass

"Please..." Galen brought the glass to his lips and took a large drink, holding it in his mouth. "Hey! What
about me?" Selena reached for the glass when Galen grabbed her wrist. He pulled her closer, letting the wine
flow between their mouths as they kissed. "Mmm..." She said when the broke apart. "Sweet. What year?"

"A good one. A very good one."

"Of course. I wouldn't expect anything less from you."

"Good. Peach?" He held a large ripe peach to her lips.

"Galen, I can feed myself, you know." She made a token protest, thoroughly enjoying the attention he was
lavishing on her.

"I know. But you won't tonight. Selena, I see you so rarely, let me savor the time we have."

"All right ..." Selena opened her mouth, biting the peach Galen offered. She felt the juices drip down her
chin to her neck as she chewed and swallowed. Galen shifted slightly and she felt his warm lips on her chest,
licking the peach juice. Moving slowly upwards, he kissed her neck, licking up the sticky liquid. At her chin, he
teased her lips before kissing her deeply.

He offered her another bite, again licking the juices as they ran down her front. Finally she finished the whole
peach and took his fingers into her mouth, cleaning them slowly, one by one. When she was finished, the
kissed deeply, their mouths tasting of peach.  Galen took another drink of wine, sharing with her as he had

By this time, Selena was squirming in his lap, and Galen tightened his arm around her waist. "Patience Selena,
you said yourself you didn't have anywhere to go. Neither do I. So what's your rush? Besides, it's time for ice

"Galen ..." Selena shivered slightly, watching as he uncovered a bowl of ice cream. She knew what he
planned to do, and her nipples hardened in anticipation. Using a spoon, Galen took a small amount of ice
cream, placing it on the upper curve of Selena's breast. She moaned softly as the cold substance slowly slid
down her breast, resting on her aching nipple. Galen lifted her slightly, bending his head to clean the chocolate
from around the hard nub. His tongue found every bit of chocolate on her breast, and he began again. The bowl
was half empty before he finally decided to move on.

"What next?" She asked, watching with puzzlement as Galen set the bowls aside, clearing a large space at
the center of the table.

Galen held her waist with both hands. "You." he said, a hungry grin on his face. With little apparent effort, he
lifted Selena and placed her on the table. She was sitting up, until he pushed her backwards slightly, his fingers
tugging her skirt down off her hips. "Actually ... first I need to eat something ... Have to keep up my strength,
you know ..." Galen grinned, bending to kiss the inside of her thighs. Her legs parted instinctively and he
grinned. Moving forward, he placed a chaste kiss on her blonde curls before standing up straight, moving to
the side of the table.

"Galen ..." Selena begged softly, wondering what he had planned. She reached for him, but he caught her
hands, moving them over her head.  She moaned when she felt a soft, but strong bond form around her wrists,
trapping her arms. "Oh gods ..."

"As you can see, my dear ... We're out of plates ... I need something to eat off of." He held her breast
gently in one hand, his other reaching for a bowl of fruit. He picked up a slice of pineapple and lay it gently on
her breast, placing the hole directly around her nipple. Locking eyes with her, he lowered his head and began
to eat the pineapple off her skin, his teeth gently grazing her flesh. Selena was quivering with passion as he
repeated the process with a second piece, before moving to the other side of the table.

After another two slices eaten off her body, Selena whimpered softly. "Galen ... What are you trying to do to

"To you?" He said, feigning innocence. "Nothing. I'm simply trying to eat ..." He picked up a bunch of
grapes and plucked one, holding it to her lips. Selena opened her mouth, quickly wrapping her mouth around
one of his fingers, biting him gently.

Galen chuckled and pulled his finger from her mouth. He moved to the end of the table, sitting on the chair
between her legs.  Grinning up her body, he set the grapes on her stomach, his hands caressing her thighs,
pushing her legs farther apart. Plucking a grape from the bunch, he held it between his thumb and forefinger
and ran it along her slit, loving the way Selena arched upwards, begging for more. He popped the moist fruit
into his mouth, enjoying the added flavor. He ate another dozen grapes in the same fashion, watching Selena's
frustration increase with each one. She moaned each time he ran a grape over her center.

Finally he took some pity on her and decided to stop teasing. Standing, he leaned over Selena and released
her hands. She immediately sat up, wrapping her arms around Galen and kissed him fiercely. Breaking the
kiss, she wrapped her legs around his waist. "Now." She growled, pressing herself against him, feeling his
pulsing cock. He pulled back and slid into her moist tunnel easily, beginning a frantic rhythm. A moment later,
the both stiffened, whispering each other's names as they climaxed.

Still holding her, Galen slipped backwards, sitting on the chair with her on his lap. For along moment neither
moved nor spoke.  Finally Selena lifted her head, her voice soft. "Do you know what I'd like to do next,

"What's that, my dear?" He brushed a lock of damp hair away from her face.

"Sleep, with you."

"Sounds like a wonderful idea."

"Right now?" her voice betrayed her growing weariness.

"Whatever you like ..." Galen lifted her in his arms and stood while the room changed around them. The
table vanished to be replaced by a large bed with silk sheets. Peeling the covers aside, Galen lay her down
gently. Stripping his clothes, he slid in beside her, pulling the covers over both of them. Wrapping a strong arm
around her waist, he pulled her close, spooning together. She snuggled back, enjoying his closeness. They
were both silent for a long time, until they fell asleep.