Title: Lost & Found
Series: Changes Everything
Author:  Technomage Selena     
E-mail:   aneles@chickmail.com
Rating:   NC 17 for sexual content
Disclaimer: The characters of Matthew Gideon, Dureena, Max Eilerson and Trace belong to Warner
Brothers and Babylonian Productions.  No infringement of copyright is intended.  Also, the character of
"Aneles" is my character.  She is not to be used by others without my approval first.
Special Thanks to:  Antoinette for her editing and wisdom.  To Iocane and Kim for their words of
encouragement.   Also, to all the many people who have e-mailed me and told me how much they enjoyed this story and are waiting impatiently for part 2.
Note: Anything in Italics is a thought.

Lost & Found

Aneles awoke from her slumber to the sun shining brightly in her eyes.  She sat up slowly, rubbed her eyes and proceeded to try and get them focused in the brightness.  "Oh, another lonely day," she said out loud toherself.  Then she proceeded to eat breakfast and then disappeared out of the cave to go the river. Hours had flown by.  Aneles had emerged from the water and got dressed.  As she headed back to the cave for a nap she picked some berries.

"Honey! I'm home." she called out into the little cave she has been calling home since her ship malfunctioned and kind of caused her to be shipwrecked on this lonely, miserable planet.  "No answer.  What else is new?"

Aneles was so bored and so very lonely.  She was so used to being touched.  Made love to.  Shape shifters seem to crave it... It is almost like they would die without it.  And after GOD only knows how long of satisfying herself, she had found herself bored with that too.

She was getting ready to lie down for a nap, when she heard it.  The familiar sound of a shuttle craft. Am Iimagining that sound?  Am I really that desperate?  These and many other thoughts raced through her head.  She ran over to the opening of the cave.  As she looked up, she saw a large shuttle fly over the cave heading for the nearest clearing and her ship.

"YES! I am finally off this miserable rock!" she yelled as she ran in the direction of the shuttle.  As she approached closer, she decided to lay low to see if these people could be trusted.  As she hid behind a large shrub, she watched the occupants of the shuttle emerge.  They look human, she thought.  Well, with theexception of that woman.  This strange looking woman with dark hair, gold colored eyes and clothing she wore fascinated Aneles.  Oh, the things I could do with that woman, she thought to herself.

"Max, I want you to check over this shuttle.  I want to know if it's friend or foe that put out that distress signal," said Captain Gideon, completely unaware he and the rest of the team were being watched.

Aneles watched as the "Max" character proceeded over to her ship.  He will never be able to get into my ship, she thought.  Then she turned her attention back to the rest of the group.  The tall slender man must be in command of this group.  God, the things I could do to all of these people.  I could be on cloud 9 for a long time.

"I'm in!" came the call from Max.

"Okay Max.  You just wait for a second.  Dureena and a few security officers will go in with you." said the captain.

All of a sudden Aneles saw a new movement to her right.  As she turned her head to see what it was, she almost passed out by what she saw.  "Can it be?  Is it really him?" she said out loud.  She started walking out towards the group of people.  "Trace?" she whispered.

Out of the corner of his eye, Gideon saw movement from the bushes.  He turned in the direction of the movement and saw a young woman coming out of hiding.  Her silk dress was dirty and torn and her hair was a damp rat's nest.  However, he could still tell she was beautiful but duty calls came first.  "Security team one, we have unidentified female heading this way," he said into his communication band around his wrist.   "Neutralize the situation ... move!"

The security team took her down easily even though she put a fight and proceeded to take her over to the captain.  She looked at the captain with a pleading look.  "Please, that is my ship. I'm the one who sent out the distress signal."

"Why were you hiding?"

"I didn't know if you were to be trusted or not.  However, after seeing him," she pointed to Trace, "I knew Icould come out of hiding."  

The captain turned to see who she was pointing at and then turned back to her and said, "Who? Trace?"


How does she know Trace?  He thought as he turned and started walking towards the young man.  "Trace come here," he ordered.

Trace met the captain half way and stood in front of him.  "What's up, captain?" he asked since Gideon sounded concerned about something.

"I need you to tell me if you know this young woman."

"Sure captain. What young woman?"  He asked with a look in his eye that seemed to say is she pretty?

Aneles watched as the two men talked briefly before turning around to walk towards her. She watched the way Trace moved and started to remember how nervous he was the first time she made love to him.  It brought a smile to her face.

"Trace?!" she said.

"Oh my God!"

"I remember the last time I heard you say that Trace," she said with a devilish smile.

"Aneles?! Is that really you?"

"Yes, it's really me."

He remembers me, she thought to herself.  I think I am going to enjoy this even more so now.  Her thoughts were shattered by Trace grabbing her and wrapping his arms around her. If only he knew what this little hug is doing to me, she thought.  She put her arms around him, enjoying the feel of his body next to hers.   Imagining him kissing her the way he used to.  Remembering how it felt to have his naked body pressed against hers.  STOP!  She thought as she pushed Trace away from her.

"Is there a problem Aneles?"

"I have been here a awhile alone Trace and you know about my kind."

He had this look on his face as if he were trying to remember.  She knew he was a brilliant guy but slacked off because he liked to have fun.  Trace, after a minute, said, "Oh yeah!" as he gave her this hungry kind of a look.

Captain Gideon by this time was confused. "Your kind?" he interjected.  "What is your kind?"

"Aneles is a shape shifter," Trace explained.  "She saved my life a few years ago after my shuttle had a very hard landing on her home world."


"Yes. Our people were at war with the Technomages at the time.  I was just getting ready to leave my world when I heard his cry for help."

"Why would you be leaving your home world?" Gideon asked with a very noticeable curiosity.

"I helped a wounded Technomage.  I was found guilty of the crime and my people exiled me to where ever it was I decided to stay."

"Aneles, tell me you didn't choose to stay here?"

"No Trace.  My ship malfunctioned and I had to make an emergency landing here.  I don't even know how
long ago that was now."

Gideon walked over and stood in front of her.  He put a hand on her shoulder and looked down into her deep brown eyes that were very quickly turning darker with wanting.  "Bring whatever you need.  You are coming with us.  You are not staying here."

Aneles thanked him and then turned to Trace.  "Come with me to the cave," as she pointed in the direction, "and help me retrieve my belongings?" as she shot him this wanton glare.

Trace remembered that look very well.  "Okay, let's go," knowing full well it wasn't only her belongings they were going to retrieve.  It was also her sanity and their memories of each other.


They got a couple of feet inside the cave when Trace reached forward slowly, closed his hands around her waist, and drew her to his chest.  His lips smothered her whimper as he tightened his embrace.  His mouth moved forcefully, possessively, over hers.  His tongue reclaimed a sweetness almost forgotten to him.

Aneles cried out when his lips left hers, slipped over her chin, down her neck, and blazed a path of fire to the tautness of her silk-clad breast.  She gasped as moist, suckling heat enclosed her nipple.  She felt him lift her, recognized the hardness of the cave wall against her back, and realized his hands were frantically undressing her.  He pushed the silk from her shoulders and bent to lave her bare nipple with his tongue.

All coherent thought fled as pleasure rushed through her body from deep within her belly.  She twisted her fingers in his hair.

He was touching her, causing tremors to race through her body.  His fingers wove a magical spell, delving inside her, retreating, and then moving more deeply.  She matched the rhythm of his caress; unashamed of the wanton way she met each thrust.  Something within her coiled tighter and tighter.  The friction of his fingers increased  faster, faster.  Spasm after spasm of ecstasy rocked her body, threatening to destroy all evidence of sanity.

She gasped for breath, yet she did not give up her hold on his hair.  Everything around her became a blur.  She felt as if she were floating, experiencing an out-of-body trance. When her world righted itself, she was lying on the pillows of purple and red that she has been  using as a bed in the cave.  Also, she realized that Trace had shed his clothing at some point.

The heaviness of Trace's body was upon her.  She cried out when something hot and hard pressed against her thigh.  She instinctively opened her legs wider to accept him more readily.

"Aneles, don't leave me again," Trace whispered against her ear.  Aneles released his hair and clutched his shoulders.  She had no intention of leaving him, ever, if she had her way.  She sighed when his weight bore down more fully on her, welcoming him, accepting him.

He entered her hard and fast, stretching her, filling her.  Trace had heard Aneles' cries of awe.  He was aware of how tight she was, of how miraculously her body stretched to accommodate his.  He slid his hands beneath her butt, raised her higher, filled her as the quivers that mounted within the folds of her sweet flesh closed tightly around him.

Trace flipped over on his back, bringing Aneles to lie upon his stomach.  He clamped his rough hands over her butt and guided her movements until her orgasm ebbed and he found his own release.


Back at the shuttle the rest of the away team waited.  "What is taking them so long?" asked a very impatient Max Eilerson.

Just as the captain was about to open his mouth to speak, he heard laughter coming from the very direction that Trace and Aneles left in.  He looked and then turned to Max and said, " There they are, now get aboard the shuttle Mr. Eilerson."

As Trace and Aneles reached the shuttle, Aneles could tell that the captain was already wondering what was up.

"Are you ready to fly us back Trace?"

"Yes sir," he said with this smile the captain had never seen on the pilot before.

"Captain, I have to thank you for taking you me away from here.  You don't know what it means to me,"
Aneles said with a strange tone in her voice as the three of them boarded the shuttle.

Gideon watched the interaction between the two of them and knew there was something there.  But what?  He thought.

--The End--
--To be continued in part two--