Title: Memories of Old
Author: Technomage Selena
E-mail: aneles@chickmail.com
Series/Sequel: Changes Everything
Rating: NC - 17 for sexual content
Disclaimer: Warner Brothers and Babylonian Productions copyright the characters of Dureena, Max Eilerson, Trace, Captain Gideon, and Galen.  No infringement is intended.  Also, the character of "Aneles" is my creation.  She is not to be used without my approval first.  The character of "Greg" is made up also.  
Special thanks to: Antoinette for her editing and wisdom.  To Kim, for kicking my ass to get this one done.  To all the people who have loved this series so far and keep asking for more.
Dedicated to: I am dedicating this story to my friend Iocane.  Io without your help along the way I would have become sane.  We just can't have that, can we?  =; o)
Note: Anything in Italics is a thought.

Memories Of Old

Aneles woke up late in the day.  She found herself still in Max' bed but Max was nowhere.  She remembered how good it felt to be with Max the night before.  As she got up and dressed, she thought to herself, Max is definitely a keeper.

Aneles left Max' quarters and headed for her own.  On the way there, Dureena saw her.  "Aneles wait a moment," Dureena called to her.

    "Good morning Dureena," Aneles said not knowing any better.

    "Good morning?  Aneles, it's the afternoon."

    "Oh my God!  I've slept most of the day away?"

    "Yeah.  Where are you going?"

    "To my quarters to get changed."

    "Mind if I walk with you?  I have nothing better to do."

    "Sure.  I could use the company."

Aneles and Dureena started walking again.  They walked silently at first.  Aneles looked at Dureena and saw this look of waiting on her face.  She's waiting for someone, Aneles thought to herself.  But who?

    "So Dureena, is there anything you want to tell me?"

    "No.  Why?"

    "I just got this feeling you want to talk."

Dureena looked at Aneles.  How does she do that?  Dureena thought to herself.  "I do want to talk to you.  I just don't know how to talk about this," Dureena said to her as they reached Aneles' quarters.

    "Dureena, you know you can talk to me about anything."

    "I know.  I'm just not sure how you'll react to it."

    "Why don't you come in and we will talk.  How's that sound?"

    "I think that would be great."

Aneles opened the door to her quarters.  She moved aside so her guest could go in first.  "Thanks," Dureena said as she walked in.  Aneles watched Dureena walk into the room.  She enjoyed the way Dureena's hips swayed when she walked.  Aneles so badly wanted to go up behind her and wrap her arms around Dureena from behind and kiss her neck gently as her hands very gently softly fondled Dureena's breasts. Aneles' thoughts were shattered by Dureena's voice talking to her.  "Sorry Dureena.  What did you say?" Aneles said as she walked in and the door closed behind her.

    "I asked if I could tell you what I have to say and it will never leave this room?"

    "Of course.  I know how much you value your privacy from the others," Aneles said as she stepped into her bedroom and started to get changed.

Dureena sat on the couch, feeling a little uncomfortable about what she was going to tell Aneles.  However, it was something she needed to get off her chest.  Up until recently she had always relied on Galen for an output but with him being gone the last few weeks, she had to find a new output.  Aneles is it, she thought as Aneles walked out of her bedroom wearing loose fitting jeans and a huge over sized sweatshirt, her hair pulled up in a sloppy, yet comfortable, ponytail.  She looks so comfortable, Dureena thought as she walked over to the Vid COM.

Aneles had seen the uncomfortable look on Dureena's face.  Consequently, she decided to dress loose and normal.  She figured sexy wouldn't be a good idea since something was really troubling Dureena.  She went over to the Vid COM and turned to Dureena and said, "Thirsty?"

    "Huh? Oh yes, I am actually."

    "I'll have someone from the Mess Hall deliver some iced tea or would you prefer something else?"

    "No.  Iced tea is fine but I don't think they deliver."

Dureena watched as Aneles asked Greg to deliver two jugs of iced tea to her quarters.  Dureena couldn't believe that they made house calls. Oh well, Aneles seems capible of getting whatever she wants, Dureena thought to herself as Aneles sat beside her on the couch.

    "So, what do you want to talk to me about Dureena?"

    "It is about what happened the other evening between us."

    "Okay.  I'm listening," Anles said, as she thought, Either she wants to go all the way or just wants to be friends and nothing more.

    "Okay, it's like this Aneles," Dureena started.

Aneles sat and listened about how Dureena's parents had sold her into slavery.  While she was imprisoned the other female prisoners and sometimes the guards forced her into sexual situations.

    "Dureena, I'm sorry.  If I had of known I wouldn't have kissed you the other night."

    "Aneles, you didn't know.  I am telling you this because the other night brought back all these memories and feelings of fear."

    "So, you don't want to be with women because of those bad times.  I can't blame you Dureena," Aneles said as she wrapped her arms around Dureena for a sympathetic hug.

Dureena hugged Aneles back and said, "I don't want to be with women right now.  Perhaps one day I will change my mind though because the other night was more passionate than when I was imprisoned."

    "When you're ready Dureena.  Don't push yourself just because of what I want."

    "I wasn't planning on it.  I'll tell you when I am ready Aneles.  I was thinking maybe…" her words faded.

Aneles let go of Dureena and looked in her eyes.  "You were thinking what?" she asked.

    "Well, perhaps maybe in the next little while or so we could start slowly?  You know maybe you become a man or something to help me over come my fear of same sex situations.  Because I'll know you are still a woman even when you look like a man.  Does that sound stupid?"

    "No!  It isn't stupid," Aneles said as she placed her hands on Dureena's shoulders.  "If that's what you want.  I can do it.  I can show you that not all of us are as brutal and mean, like you had to endure."

    "Okay, well when I'm ready I'll let you know."

    "Okay.  When you're ready to start experimenting, you know where to find me."

    "Thanks Aneles.  I feel better now."

    "You're welcome and I'm glad."

    "I should go.  I have to get ready for my friend to get back.  He should be back soon.  I'll take you to meet him when he arrives."

    "Okay, I would love to meet your friend."

    "Will you be willing to drop something at a moments notice if you're busy to meet him when I call you?"

    "I promise I'll be willing to drop whatever I am doing to come join you."

    "Okay then, I'll contact you when he arrives," Dureena said as she walked to the door and opened it.  "See you later."

    "Bye," and then she was alone with her thoughts of Max.  Then Trace popped into her thoughts.  Before long she was imagining what it could be like to have them both at basically the same time.  I have to do those two together, she thought.

Just then, the bell rang.  "Come in!" she called out.  She watched as the doors opened and Greg walked in with the iced tea.

    "Sorry it took so long Aneles.  It was really busy when you called down," he said as he placed the jugs on the table.  "It's still busy so I'd better go.  I put these on your tab."

    "Thanks Greg.  I appreciate it."

    "No problem," he said as he walked out of her quarters.

    "That's it.  I'm going to bed.  I need sleep," she said to herself as she got up and headed for the bedroom.


Aneles was just another child in the medical examiners office.  She had just turned eight years old.  At eight years of age it was mandatory for all little girls to go and have their genes checked for the vadi gene.  The vadi gene is what makes female shape-shifters bi-sexual.

Aneles' test came back and showed a high level of the vadi gene.  The examiner informed Aneles' mother and father.  Aneles watched as her mother broke down into tears.  Aneles didn't understand what was wrong.  Aneles' father stood up and helped his mate up and they started to leave.

    "Wait for me daddy!" Aneles said as she got up to follow them.

Just then Aneles' father turned around.  He put his hand up and pointed back to the chair.  "Go back and sit down Aneles.  You are not our little girl," he said with an angry tone.  "We don't want you anymore."  Then they turned and walked out of her life as she sat and cried.

    "Come back," Aneles cried over and over. "Come back."

Life just seemed to fly by as she went through years of being pampered in silks and expensive perfumes.  She spent all her days growing up being trained and taught to be a Podmwhy.  On her home world, Podmwhy's were basically love slaves.  High-class hookers paid to bring pleasure to others and never receive pleasure in return.

Aneles ended up having this life style because her tests showed she was going to be bi-sexual.  Being bi-sexual is crucial to the Podmwhy's life because they have to rely on each other for pleasure.  For pleasurable sex they are only allowed to be with someone of the same sex.  Otherwise, they are only allowed to pleasure the men who hire them for their services.

Then it happened.  Aneles came of age.  It was now her time to start her life of misery.  She was in her apartment that she was assigned to live in.  She was dressed and doing her hair and make-up, when there was a frantic knock at the door.  She got up quickly and answered it.  It was her supervisor.

    "Aneles!  Forget about getting ready for your first evening out as a Podmwhy," she said with panic in her voice.  "They are calling everyone to war!"

    "War!  With whom?"

    "The technomages.  The Podmwhy's are being asked to be caregivers to the sick and injured.  You will be helping as a nurse.  With your knowledge of medicine and all the other things you cramped into your brain you will be of help to the medical practitioners.  Now, let's go!"

Aneles and many others worked day and night, helping the medical experts with the sick and injured.  Then one day a doctor grabbed her and gave her a medical kit and told her to go to some sector where there were injured reported.  Aneles grabbed a few more things she was going to need and left right away.

Once out in the sector where she was reportedly needed, Aneles started looking for anyone who may still be alive.  Then she saw him.  A technomage, she thought to herself.  She walked over and crouched down beside him.  She studied his features.  She had never seen the enemy before.  Only heard rumors of what they looked like.  He was nothing like the reports of what the technomages look like.

Aneles couldn't help but notice how gorgeous he was.  He was bald with just a little hair around the sides and back of his head.  He was quite a large man.  She could tell he was well built.  She found herself wondering if all technomages are bad, and if they are any good in bed.

Just then the technomage moved.  It startled her when he brought his hand up to his head.  He groaned as he rubbed the bump on his head.  Then he opened his eyes.  She almost melted because he had the most beautiful ice blue eyes she had ever seen.

The technomage saw Aneles and went to get up and attack.  Thanks to the bump on his head causing him to lose his balance, he had a chance to look and see it was a female.

Aneles reached her hand out to wipe the blood out of his right eye.  He grabbed her wrist and asked quite harshly, "What are you doing, girl?"

    "I was just going to clean you up a bit," she said with a hint of fear in her voice.

    "Well, you're one of them.  So don't."

    "Look, just because my people did this to you, doesn't mean I'm anything like them.  I value life.  I don't want to destroy it.  Now shut up and hold still!"

    "You'd actually risk your life to help me?"

    "What do you mean, risk my life?"

    "You really are naive are you not?"

    "What the hell is that supposed to mean?"

    "Well, the others of your kind who've dared help, have been executed by your government."

    "Death is better than the life I will have to go back to when this war is over.  So yes, I'll risk it," she said as she started cleaning his wounds.

    "What could possibly be so bad that someone as young as yourself would wish death?"

    "Being a Podmwhy."

    "A slave?"

    "Yes.  You know of our culture?"

    "Of course.  I enjoy learning and studying new cultures."

    "Then I don't have to explain it to you about the life style of a Podmwhy."

    "No.  You don't."

    "There, all cleaned up…" she looked at him realizing they had been talking all that time like they were
becoming new friends and they hadn't exchanged names at all.

    "Is something wrong?"

    "I was just thinking about something."

    "Of course you were.  Thank you for cleaning me up."

    "You're welcome…" she said trying to get the rest out.  "What's your name?" she asked with a
questioning, curious tone.

    "Galen.  You?"

    "Aneles.  It's nice to meet you Galen," she said being pleasant.

    "And you, Ane…" his words faded into nothing.

Aneles awoke to the annoying sound of her alarm and realized that she was only dreaming.  Like every time before she just wanted to sit and cry.  Instead, she decided to take her mind off of the pain and put it onto something more pleasurable.  She got up and dressed and headed out to talk to Trace about a threesome with Max.  On her way there she though, Trace has never been able to tell me no.


    "No way Aneles!" Trace raised his voice louder.  "There is no way I will participate in something like that."

    "Trace please?  You said that if I ever wanted anything you would give it to me."

    "Aneles," Trace said as he put his hands on her shoulders and looked into eyes.  "I'd give you my  life's blood if you asked for it but…"

    "Then give me this.  All I am asking for is one night Trace.  One night of both you and Max making love to me."

    "I know that but…"

    "You don't have to do anything to Max, Trace.  Just me," she pleaded.

Trace saw the longing in her eyes and the hurt too.  She was hurt because he had told her "no" and he knew it.  I can't believe I am going to do this, he thought to himself.  "All right, if it means that much to you, I'll be there with you and Max.  However, I can't guarantee I'll be able to do anything once it gets started."

    "You mean it Trace?  You'll do this for me?" she asked as she threw her arms around his neck in a big hug.

    "Yeah, if Max agrees he'll do it too.  You may have us both.  However, only this once."

Trace watched as Aneles ran out of his quarters happier than a kid on Christmas day.  "The only thing I can hope for now, is that Max says no."

Max had just got back to his quarters and found Aneles gone.  "I can't believe it.  She even cleaned before she left," Max said a she wondered around making sure she wasn't hiding somewhere, as he remembered the whole Mr. Kitty stunt.

Max was coming out of his bedroom when there was a chime at the door.  "Come in!"  Then he faced the door to see Aneles walk in.

    "Hello Max.  How are you this evening?"

    "Hello Aneles.  Good.  You?"

    " I want something Max.  Can you help me?" she asked in this innocent kind of voice.

    "What do you need?" he asked enjoying the innocent role she was playing.

Aneles took Max by the hand and sat him down at the table.  She began to tell him about her fantasy about being with two men at the same time and how she really wanted to try it.  She could tell Max was interested just by the look on his face.

    "When exactly did you want to do this Aneles?"

    "Tonight.  I can't wait any longer."

    "I take it since you are telling me this, you want me to be one of the men involved?"

    "Yes.  I do want you."

    "So, you, me, and our third?"

    "Trace of course."

    "Of course."

    "He said he would attempt it once for me, if you were game."

    "I'm in.  I'll be ready for tonight."

    "Max," she said as she leaned across the table.  "Can you be ready in an hour?"

    "Well, I usually exercise right now."

    "I don't want to hear that Max.  I want to know if you'll be ready in an hour?  Besides, you'll get plenty of sexercise tonight," she said in sexy way.

    "Well, I guess since you put it that way.  Yeah, I'll be ready in an hour.  I'll cut my exercise time so that I will be ready."

    "Good!  See you in an hour," she said as she ran out of his quarters to get ready and to fetch Trace.


Trace and Aneles walked hand in hand down the corridor.  They were on their way to Max' for their little evening of fun.

    "Aneles, I'm still not to sure about this," Trace said.

    "I think you're just nervous.  It is your first time, so it is understandable.  I am nervous too."

    "You know I don't mind your little escapades Aneles.  I just never pictured me joining in on one of your little conquests."

    "Trace, just relax," she said as she stopped him just before Max' quarters.  "If you have to, just be there and watch until you feel comfortable enough to join in.  I just want you there with me Trace."  Then she leaned her body against his and gently kissed him.

Aneles dragged Trace a few more feet until they stood before Max' door.  Aneles rang the bell.  When Max answered the door, he was wearing only a fluffy white towel.  Aneles' resolve stiffened.  The wide, smooth sweep of his chest and shoulders, the hair on his chest damp from his exercising, the rippled abdomen and the long, lean legs made her heart flip.

    "Come on in you two," Max said as he turned and made his way to the counter.  "Coffee?"

    "No thanks," Aneles said busily drinking in his chest.

    "Pass.  Thanks any ways Max," Trace said.

Max looked at Aneles and proceeded to ask, "Can I get you something else?"

Aneles figured it was as good a cue as any.  It was time to make her fantasies a reality; "I want the towel."


Her hand brushed against the taut skin of his stomach.  "This towel," she said.  "I want it."

His stomach - already impressively rippled - tightened under the sweep of her fingers.  "I kind of need it right now."  I'm not wearing a whole lot else," he said to her in a coy playful tone.

    "I know."  Aneles tucked her finger under the makeshift knot, brushing the edge of his wiry hair.  "That's why I want it."

    "Do you know what you're asking for Aneles," Trace said from across the room, his voice sounding thicker.

    "I know exactly what I'm asking for Trace," she said as her hands lingered teasingly over Max' nipples.   She could feel Max stirring under the towel.  The tingling between her thighs became a distinct ache.

    "And what are you offering in return for this towel?" Max asked, playing along with her little game.

    "Let me show you."

The thin silk of her dress may as well not have been there.  The heat between their bodies as she pressed herself into him set her on fire.  Aneles brought her face up to his, but instead of kissing him; she lowered her head to press her tongue into the hollow at the base of his throat, making him gasp.  Touching him was a drug.  She slid her hands under the towel to cup his masculine butt.

Trace watched as Max closed his eyes, then snapped them open when Aneles trailed her fingers to the front of Max' thighs.  

    "Everything," Aneles said.  "I'm offering everything."

Trace stood and watched as Max bent his head down till his lips brushed hers.  Aneles' fingers reached the thick, hard length of his manhood, which leapt under her touch.  Just as she curled her palms around him, he became like a waking tiger.  The rumble in his throat was almost a growl, and he grabbed a fistful of the flimsy material of her dress.  "I'll take everything."  Then he ripped off her dress.  Trace started to make a make a move forward to stop Max but he stopped.  He knew how much Aneles wanted this.  So he stood and watched in silence.

When Max ripped the dress off, it was sudden, shocking, and deeply arousing to Aneles.  She wasn't wearing a bra.  Max' fingers tugged at the waistband of her panties as he rubbed his face against her breasts.  The rasp of stubble against her sensitive nipples made her cry out.  He ripped off her panties too, and she leaned breathlessly against the counter, wearing only her strappy, healed sandals.

Urgently, Max pushed Aneles up against the wall.  As she arched her back away from the cold surface, he threaded one arm behind her back.  She squirmed as he pushed his leg between hers, and shifted her until she straddled his thigh, her toes barely touching the floor.  Nothing in Aneles' deepest fantasies had predicted this.  She moved her hips.  The feel of his hairy thigh against her was incredible.

    "You're wet." He said, moving his thigh against her.  She moaned.  He turned his attention to her breasts.  "I like that."

Trace watched Aneles tremble in anticipation, waiting for Max' lips, the heat of his tongue on her aching nipples.  Trace found himself getting hard as he watched Max torture Aneles with exquisite gentleness, nipping, sucking, occasionally brushing two day old stubble over her throbbing nipples.  It's almost like they forgot I'm here, Trace thought as he watched them and handled his own situation.

Aneles' climax built relentlessly.  She tried to grind herself higher on his thigh, to force Max to give it to her, but Max held her effortlessly in place.  She could feel his hard-on, thick and magnificent, against the tender skin of her stomach.  She wanted it inside of her.  "Please?" she asked her voice little more than a gasping whisper, "Please!"

    "Well," he said, "Since you asked so nicely…" Max rubbed a finger through her juices, then licked it

    "Please," she whispered again.

    "Spread your legs."

He reached down, and slid a long finger deep inside of her.

    "God!"  Her back arched as he pressed against her G-spot.  "What are you doing to me?"

    "Everything."  His face was deeply intent as he watched his finger plunge in and out.  Aneles had felt many things sexually in her lifetime, but nothing like this.  "Wrap your legs around me."  She barely heard Max say over all the noise she was making.

Aneles wrapped herself around Max and felt the thick head of his cock pressing against her.  He used both of his hands to guide himself into place and spread her wet lips as far apart as possible.  Thrusting himself in, he pushed past all resistance, towards pleasure.  "God!" he said.  "Perfect!"

Trace watched in silence, as Aneles couldn't speak.  She could barely breath.  Every inch of Max was inside of her.  The friction was unbelievable.  Deep groans came from her throat, wrung from her like the juices they were both dripping.

Max hammered into her again and again, and she climaxed, her mouth open in a silent scream.  He followed a few strokes later, pumping into her, milked dry by the convulsions of her orgasm.

Trace watched as Max shivered, spent.  Aneles was trembling, held upright only by the wall and the press of Max' body.  Finally, he pulled out, and caught her as she slumped toward the floor.  Supporting each other they stumbled across the room to the bedroom and fell onto the wide white bed like shipwreck survivors.  

    "That's what you get for answering the door in a towel."

    "I figured no point getting dressed when you both were going to be here any minute."

    "Speaking of both Max…we forgot to include Trace."

    "That's okay, I'm here now Aneles," she heard Trace say as he climbed onto the bed with the love of his life and Max.  Trace looked at Max and then looked down at Aneles signaling to Max.  Max knew what he was planning.  "Okay sweetheart…let's play."

Trace stood up and brought Aneles with him.  Aneles pulled him close and began kissing him, their tongues met in mid air, circling and intertwining.  Trace's lips moved down her neck, towards her breasts.

Trace and Aneles kissed passionately as he peeled the last of his clothes off, throwing them across the room.  She ran her lips down his chest, enjoying the feel and taste of his hard flesh.  He groaned as she kissed his firm, round nipples.  When he removed his pants, her eyes fixed on his gorgeous, thick member.  Running her hands down his tight thighs, she knelt and slid his erect tool into her mouth.  A loud moan was all she needed to hear, to know how much he was enjoying it.  For a moment she got lost in the feel of his dick, thick and throbbing in her mouth.

Then Max, out of nowhere, slid up behind Aneles and lowered her to the floor.  He kissed her, moving his hands from her breasts to her ass.  He trailed kisses down her body.  At each of her breasts, he kissed her body.  When he came back up to her breasts, he kissed and licked her hardened nipples.

Watching the two of them, Trace took his cue.  He lowered himself; he turned Aneles' face toward his and began kissing her gently on the lips.  Hands, lips, and flesh glided over her.  Wetness oozed between her legs.  Max rolled onto his back and shifted her, so she lay directly on top his large muscular form.

Trace suspended himself with his strong arms over the two of them and Aneles immediately felt like she was going to explode, right then, just being part of this delicious manwich.  Trace spread her legs from behind and entered her dripping pussy with his slippery wet dick.  As she felt him penetrate her and begin to satisfy her aching desire, Max continued to delight her with kisses.

Trace thrust gently, all the way into Aneles and then out again.  He became more hurried, using his entire weight to pound his swollen muscle in and out of her.  Her body shook from his pummeling.  Max' tongue slid into her mouth and began to explore every inner inch.

Aneles could hear Trace's breaths grow shallow and she knew he was about to explode.  Turning her head, she watched his face contort euphorically as he unleashed his load.  After letting his body pump out its last drop, he pulled out his cock.  Aneles then turned back to Max, eager to see what was next.

Trace planted lovely, appreciative kisses on Aneles' shoulder blades and drew his lips down the length of her back.  Then he bent down behind her and buried his face between her legs.  Passionately, his tongue darted around her clit.  She gasped as his mouth explored her soft walls, so excited by this time that a climax was inevitable.  She didn't want to do anything to slow it down.

Max meanwhile, moved his delectable mouth down to Aneles' breasts.  As Trace licked and kissed between her legs, Max fondled each of her sensitive nipples, kissing them, licking gently biting and tugging.  When he drew his mouth back up to hers once more, she came, her insides lighting up and every part of her body expanding.  Max held her tightly as her orgasm ripped through her entire body.

Aneles was throbbing from the loving she received from Trace when Max' cock eased into her.  Slowly, rubbing her palms the length of Max' toned torso, She sat up, forcing her body to take in as much of his hardness as possible.  Pushing her weight downward, she straddled his pelvis and prepared for the ride of her life.

Busy enjoying the pleasure of Max, she hadn't been paying attention to Trace.  Suddenly, he appeared standing to her right.  His cock was hard again and directly in front of her face.  She reached out and opened her mouth once more to take in his tool.  As she sucked hard, Trace grabbed the back of her head.  She seized his round; firm ass cheeks with one hand and toyed with his balls with the other.  She could feel them ease up into his body and knew he was ready to explode again.  However, she tugged at them to prolong his (and her) outrageous pleasure.  Finally, when neither of them could take anymore, she released them and immediately felt his lovely fluids in her mouth.  After his last drop oozed out, he removed his cock and dropped to the floor beside them, wasted.

Max had been madly ramming himself inside of Aneles.  The sound of Trace's orgasm drove Max to an even greater frenzy of pelvic thrusting.  She undulated, in sync with his pounding, and could feel another climax brewing.

"Yes!"  Aneles cried out, as Max' tool repeatedly pounded into her hole.  Her body quaked and she yelled out with pleasure as the largest orgasm of her life exploded inside of her like a thousand firecrackers.  As soon as she was done, she felt Max' member, shoot its hot jets into her.

They all collapse on the floor, a collage of legs and arms, exhaustion and ecstasy.  Aneles spent the rest of the evening thanking them both for participating in this wonderful thing she enjoys so much.


Aneles was woken up by the sound of the communicator band that Captain Gideon had given her.  She tried to move slowly as not to wake up Trace and Max.

    "What?" Aneles asked sleepily into the Com Band.

    "Aneles.  Did I wake you up?"

    "Yeah, Dureena but it's okay.  You seem excited.  What's up?"

    "My friend is going to be landing in the shuttle bay in about ten minutes.  Meet me in front of my quarters in five minutes."

    "Dureena, can I meet him later?"

    "You promised to meet him as soon as he got back.  So hurry up." She said and then closed the Com Link.

Aneles climbed off of Max' bed and then recovered Max and Trace with the blanket.  She then proceeded to get dressed.  When she was almost done dressing, Trace woke up and asked, "Aneles, where are you going?"

    "I just got a call from Dureena.  She was reminding me that we're going to get together this morning and that I'm late."

    "Oh, okay.  I'll talk to you later then."

    "Okay.  You just go back to sleep," she whispered as she leaned down and gently kissed him.  Then she turned and was gone.


Dureena waited impatiently outside her quarters.  "Where is she, " Dureena asked herself out loud.

    "Right here."

    "Aneles!  Come on we have to hurry."

Dureena was like an excited schoolgirl.  She grabbed Aneles' hand and started running down the corridor.  Dragging Aneles behind her.

    "Dureena do we have to run?"

    "Yes or we'll miss him and have to wait till later."

Aneles was picking up on Dureena's excitement.  She started thinking this guy must be really special or something and started getting excited too.  Before long she was running faster and keeping up with Dureena.

The pair of women reached the shuttle bay just in time to see the sleek, black, ominous shuttle land.  Aneles looked at it care fully.  She thought it looked familiar.  However, she couldn't quite place where she'd seen one like it before.  It was too early in the morning to think.

As the shuttle opened Dureena pulled Aneles closer and said, "Come on.  Quit gaucking."

Aneles followed Dureena farther into the shuttle bay.  She watched as Dureena got right beside the ship and waited.  Then all of a sudden someone started to emerge from the ship.  Aneles watched as Dureena talked to her friend who still hadn't come all the way out of his ship yet.  

Aneles started to get nervous when Dureena pointed in her direction.  So she looked at her feet.  All of a sudden she heard footsteps coming in her direction.  She couldn't bring herself to look up.

    "Aneles, I want you to meet my friend Galen," Dureena said once they were standing right in front of her.

Aneles scanned her mind.  Where have I heard that name before, she thought to herself.  Oh my god!  Could it be?  Very slowly looking up from the floor.  She recognized the black cloak, the purple colored shirt sticking out the top of it.  Then she was looking him straight in the eyes.  Those ice blue eyes.



--End Part Three--
--To be continued in Part Four--