Title: Memory

Author/pseudonym: The Lab Rat

Fandom: Crusade

Paring: Matthew Gideon/Galen

Rating:    NC-17

Status: new.

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Notes: This takes place towards the end of the episode The Memory of War There are some spoilers for that
episode but it's not like TNT is ever going to show the series again so you either saw it or you didn't

Summary: A brush with death makes Galen think of life and remember a particular Earth Force captain.


Captain Matthew Gideon took long strides through the doors of his cabin.  He would of run if he could, if he
hadn't been the captain.  He slumped into the nearest chair as the doors hissed shut behind him.

Gideon had just come for medlab where Galen was being treated for the knife wound Dureena had
unintentionally inflicted on Galen.

That's why he had needed to get out of medlab so badly.  When he had entered medlab Dr. Chambers had
some how managed to remove part of Galens cloak so she could treat his wound, only a shoulder and a small
part of his chest had been reviled but it was more than enough for the caption of the Excalibur

Matthew Gideon sat and let the memories wash over him.  Memories of waking to see Galens unnaturally
blue eyes staring into his own.  Of Galen's voice whispering secrets in his ear, of Galen's hands running across
his body, but mainly he thought of those eyes peering strait into his soul.

Gideon groaned slightly at the memories and at pressure in his uniform trousers

It had been nearly ten years ago but the memories where still fresh and clear and he wanted Galen badly.

When Gideon had taken command of the Excalibur, when Galen had waltzed back into his life there had been
no words spoken, no looks exchanged, it had been as though it had never happened.

Gideon pulled off his shirt suddenly wishing the standard temperature of the ship was several degrease cooler.

He leaned back and closed his eyes again hoping for sleep, hoping to dream sweet dreams of a man in black

"Thinking of me?"

Gideon sprang to his feet with a soldier's reaction at the sound of the voice.  Standing not two feet away was
Galen looking none the worse for having nearly been killed not too many hours earlier

"Galen? Ah? Hi. I wasn't expecting you"

"That's fairly obvious

The captain was suddenly painfully aware of how he must look standing there half-naked with a far too obvious
bulge in his pants.  He reached to grab his shirt but Galen reached out and stopped him.

"Have you ever noticed how death makes you crave life" Galens words hung in the air like a thick blanket of
fog, making the outside world vanish.

The captain didn't move and scarcely breathed as Galen began to caress his face.

"Matthew I told you that you and this place were the only family I had left and I meant it"

The tecnomage leaned forward and kissed the captain of the Excalibur.  Electricity shot through the captain
causing the erection he had been trying to ignore spring with newfound life.  The Captain had been waiting for
this moment for ten years now and was not about to let it get away.  Opening his mouth to a prodding tongue
he pressed his body against the heavy fabric of the older mans cloak.

For a long while the two men embraced as if their very lives depended on it. Gideon had sucked long and hard
on the other mans lips and tongue.  He was beginning to work his way down the neck when Galen pulled away

"This isn't right" Gideon froze terrified that the other man would leave.  Galen saw the fear and smiled

"Door lock, lights 50%, and what are you still doing half dressed." Before he could reply Gideon was
propelled back into his bedroom somehow loosing his remaining clothing in the process.  The doors shut behind
him and the noble captain of the Excalibur stood before the mage naked with a desire that knowing Galen
could be all night in coming.

Galen looked him up and down.

"I see you've filled out a bit.  Not nearly as scrawny as the last time I saw you like this"

"Galen please?" The Captain felt that if he couldn't feel the mages flesh against his own he would go mad.

"Do you want me Matthew? As if his engorged erection wasn't speaking for it self.

Yes!!" Galen smiled

"Then you may have me." Captain Gideon knew a que when he saw one.  His hand began diving in and out of
the other mans clothes in a pattern they had learned years ago, and still remembered.  Unhook something
here, untie something there.  Gideon reflected that there were probably easier things in the universe than
getting a Technomage out of his clothes and breaking into Fort Knox was probably one of them.

Gideon's hands shook with his own desire.  He knew he could not simply tear away the layers as he might
another lover.  An act such as that would damage the sensitive technologies of the Technomages craft.  Many
of them were integrated directly into the mages flesh as well as woven into the fabric making undressing just
that much more complicated.

After what seemed like an eternity the final layer fell away.  Before him stood a statue of marble and ice, and
statue of a god long and lean with mussels frozen strong but relaxed.

It was the body of a younger man, and something in Galen's face, particularly when he smiled seemed almost
childlike, even now only the ice blue eyes seemed to beer any years.  Gideon drank in the sight before him

"Beautiful" he whispered

"Why don't you use that mouth where it will do some good Matthew"

A captain doesn't need to be given an order twice.

Gideon's mouth fell hungrily on the thick erect cock before him.  He sucked the organ in deep until he almost
gagged.  Galen weave his fingers into the other mans hair.

"I saw the way you were looking at me in medlab Matthew.  Don't think I'm going to let you get away with a
casual blowjob.

The captain grinned to himself; he knew how to tease.  He slid his mouth from the root to tip, letting his tongue
circle the end slowly.  As he took the mages balls into his mouth he could see flashes, like lightning atop a
thunder head ripple beneath Galens transparently pale skin.  Gideon knew the uncontrolled power surges
along the mages internal technology meant he was getting close.

A tug of the hair brought Gideon to his feet.

"Still at tease Matthew? Well I can tease to."

A strong hand squeezed Gideons engorged cock causing him to gasp for air.  Not half way through the breath
he felt his over sensitive nerves stimulated with a low current of electricity.  He gritted his teeth in a
combination of pain and pleasure.

"That's cheating Galen."' He accused when he could finally speak.

A second shock that come from the hand cupped around his balls nearly sent Gideon over the edge right then
and there

"Galen? Please" were the only words that came from the captains mouth.  His hips had begun to move on
there own accord thrusting into the mages hand.

"Not yet Matthew.  Soon"

"How can he sound so damn calm" Gideon thought "when his body proves he isn't" Hands on his shoulders
spun him around and propelled him towards the bed.  From here on out Gideon knew the routine and knew how
the older man liked to do it.  He kneeled down beside his bead and leaned over raising his ass to be entered.
He heard a russaling in his nightstand.

"Humans can be such creatures of habit can't they Matthew?"

He knew Galen had found the oil he had kept in his nightstand for years.  He shivered as the oil hit his back
and slowly ran down his ass.  Large strong hands separated his cheeks and began to rub the oil in little circles
around his tight puckered hole.  One long thick finger finally penetrated coating his insides with lubricating oil.
Gideon sucked breath between clenched teeth.  It had been so long and he was so close.

"Are you ready for me Matthew?"

"How can he ask that" Gideon thought "I've been ready for an eternity? At least ten minutes."  Gideon
nodded frantically not trusting his own voice.  Galens answer was his tick pulsing organ spreading the captain's
cheeks.  The tip entered the tight mussels painfully slowly at rate torturous for both men.  Gideon was on the
edge of tears when Galen started back out.  Galen set the rhythm pulling nearly completely out then driving
back in each time with more force creating a smacking sound as his balls hit Gideon's ass.  Galen reached
around and with a slick hand and began pumping the captain causing him to thrust back into the older mans
cock.  Behind him Gideon could hear the sound of Galens breathing and the sound of uncontrolled electricity
popping.  Galen gave one final thrust sending both men over the edge.

For a brief second the room was filled with white light and the sounds of two men at the height of passion.