I Dream...

I dream…
That I see you across the room.
My heart begins to race.
I cross to your side and speak your name.
You turn.  Your intense gaze locks onto me, unable to let go.
I am trapped by your eyes, a willing prisoner.
Your wonderful voice softly speaks my name.
You take my hand and welcome me.

I dream…
That we are dancing, alone in a crowd of people.
We sway gently, our bodies one.
Your arms are around me, and I hold you tightly.
I can feel your warmth and strength against my body.
My head rests on your shoulder.
The scent of you intoxicates me.

I dream…
That we are alone and  I am in your arms at last.
We kiss, urgent and demanding.
My breath catches in my chest as though
I had never known air before you breathed life into my mouth.
Your hands touch me and leave trails of warmth behind.
I feel as though I am standing in flame, your body against mine.
Your breath on my skin makes me shiver and the air leaves me.

I dream…
That you touch me, and I am yours.