Okay, it is like this.  I am adding this page because I have received a lot of e-mail saying I should include a page on my web site with information about myself.  Even though I am some what of a private person and very shy I am going try this out as a test run to see how this goes over.  
If you are like many others who want to know more and can think of other questions I can answer to go on here, e-mail me just like everyone else, let me know and I will see what I can do.

Name: Selena Louise Mills
Birth date: February 17th, 1978
Astrological Sign: Aquarius (just like Peter Woodward!!!  WOO HOO)
Place of Birth: Vancouver, BC  Canada
Height: Around 5'4" tall.  I think therefore I am!!!!
Weight:  What do you really have to freaking know everything???  Gonna make ya use your imagination now...I hope you appreciate it?
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Bleached blond - soon to be my natural hair color...dark brown.
Ethnicity: I'm a freaking mutt.  What can I say.
Religion: Negotiating that.  Heaven doesn't want me and HELL'S afraid I'll take over.
State of Mental Health: 100% Certifiable.  I should have been locked away years ago.  "Oh no! The men in the white jackets are here for me!  Gotta go, finish this later!  SEE YA!!!
Current Place of Abode: Campbell River, BC.  Canada  But who cares...be glad you don't have to live here.
Places I would most like to Live: Atlantis, the Excalibur, Galen's ship, and Peter Woodwards' pocket.  
**Peter if you ever read this I am only joking!**
Things I would most like to be in this world: I would like to be either Peter Woodwards' pants, his pillow, or maybe his bed sheets.  I don't know they all seem so good to me.
Political Stance: The only honest politician is a dead politician.
Relationship Statis: SINGLE!!!  What the hell else is new???  Nope, nothing new here.
Children: Do I want any?  Maybe one day.  Do I have any?  I don't freaking think so...if I do, I'd better call someone to help me find them.
Occupation: LOSER!!!  As in the biggest kind of...
Fave Sports: Hockey!!!   
Fave team: Detroit Red Wings!!! (isn't that Sergei Fedorov a sexy little thing?)
Vacation Spots: My bedroom.  It is the only place I can afford.  HE HE HE
Sexual Preferences:  Who was the freaking bastard who sent these questions for me to answer???    If I  ever find out, remind me to slap him.   Oh well...male, female...take your pick!
Fashion Statement: Men's work shirts and steel toed boots.
Interests: Internet, reading, corrupting peoples minds, thinking about sex, writing, listening to music,      camping, watching some TV, watching movies once and a while, corrupting peoples' minds, thinking about sex, researching new things that interest me, swimming, corrupting peoples' minds, thinking about sex.   And of course drooling over pics of Peter/Galen.
Fave subject in school: Science, History, boys, and sometimes girls.
Fave music style: British Pop music.  However, I will listen to just about anything.
Fave TV & Movie Genre: Sci-fi of course.  However, comedies are my second favorite.  I also like those movies based on something that happened in history and foriegn films with sub-titles.
Fave Actors: Well, Peter Woodward of course.  However, there is also Gary Cole, Patrick Stewart, George Clooney, Ralph Fiennes, Liam Neison, Lance Henrikson, David Duchovny, Sean Connery, Ray Park, and of course last but not least James Marsters.  OOOhhhhh Spike!!!  (On the over all does anyone else see a pattern here?)  By the way I could keep going.  However, I could be here all night.
Fave Colors: Blue, Black, Red, Green.  The darker the better.  Geez, I sound like a bruise.
Fave Food: Pasta's and Campbell's Cream of Mushroom soup.
Edible Things That I Would Like to Try: *Technomage Selena grins a miniacal grin; the type that gets people locked up*
Bad Habits:  Swearing, smoking, and turning almost every comment into some kind of sexual innuendo.  Can we also say corrupting people mentally.  Also, I obsess about sex.    Oh NO! Now the truth is out.  I think I need to be punished.  Who's my daddy???   
What I would most like to be when I grow up:  I am working right now to finish my prerequisits so that  I can take the "Automotive Service Technician" course at the local college.  I want to be a mechanic just like my Grandfather.
Personal Quote:  The title BITCH don't apply to all women but all women have a little BITCH in them.